New Golf Apps Releases in 2012 for iPhone, iPad and Android

Apps are here to stay and each month hundreds of new golf apps releases hit the market. For those of us that like to use our Android or Apple handsets out on the course, golf apps are one of the best ways we can use our phone as much more than simply a technologically advanced scorecard. Outlined below are three of the best new golf apps in 2012 that have been recently, or are scheduled to be, released.

1. Who’s Your Caddy

by Red Mat Media  (Free, available 19th April 2012 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and from 1st May 2012 on Android)


Few golf apps have been as eagerly awaited as this new offering from Red Mat Media. Who’s Your Caddy is offering golfers something a little different to the normal golf-caddy app. Firstly, this golf app is free and indeed, with its revenue share program, the app promises to create partnerships between golf courses and users that will generate both income and ‘Gimmes’ – a series of free gifts from businesses in the locality- for users.  Advertisers gain exposure via the app, the users get great golf advice and tips for free, plus the ‘Gimmes’.

While this is an enticing prospect, the success of the app will depend on the Caddy Tips aspect, which has also taken a novel approach by asking golf professionals at local courses to provide video guidance to each hole. The app also supports GPS yardage.  In short, the unique advertising system means that it is a win-win-win system for everyone.



The Gorilla’s View: The app sounds hugely promising but there is a downside, obviously the app will only work in the stated format if golf courses and local businesses have signed up for it and with any new app, there is a critical tipping point where it needs a sufficient number of courses and videos available to entice enough users.

The promise is there for this app to redefine the golfing app market on Android, iPhone and iPad, but its success will depend on how much coverage the app can generate.  Currently, as of the release of the iPad and iPhone version in April, there is only support for ‘some’ course in the US, though more courses throughout the world are slated to be added ‘ASAP’.


2. Marriott Golf App

by Marriott Golf UK  (Free: available now on iPhone and Android)

Combining a weekend of golf with a luxury stay at a well known hotel has become one of the most popular ways to relax, unwind and enjoy golf in plush surroundings. Marriott Hotels in the UK have been providing these breaks for many years at each of 11 Golf Resorts around the UK.

Now guests at the resort, or those visiting for a round of golf at any of the 11 venues can now download this handy golf app to enable them to get more enjoyment out of their round of golf.


The app provides a detailed GPS mapping of each of the 11 golf courses, details of each hole and a selection of tips from a variety of professionals about how to play each hole. Golfers can also record their score through an interactive scorecard and the app is also linked to the Met Office database to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute 5-day weather forecasts.


The Gorilla’s View: While this app may only have limited appeal to guests and players at any one of the Marriott resorts, it is a sensible step taken by Marriott Golf UK.

The popularity of golf and smartphones means that many of their guests will be able to use this free app on course and receive detailed, relevant information. It may only be a small niche market, but with thousands of people enjoying these breaks each year, it is an app that many other golf resort chains would do well to follow the lead of.



3. Tiger Woods: My Swing

by Shotzoom Software (£2.99, $4.99 for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)

He’s still one of the most bankable names in World Golf and Tiger Woods: My Swing is an Apple-only app that allows you to video your own golf swing and then compare it, side-by-side, with the swing of the erstwhile Mr Woods.



Tiger also appears in the app giving analysis of the swing and introducing key aspects of how he swings the club, passing on titbits of information to the hungry golf-learner. The Woods golf app is reportedly set up to receive regular updates from the golfing superstar and is aimed at using video capture technology, to allow golfers to observe where the problems are in their swing and hopefully, rectify them.


The  Gorilla’s View: While a big name can guarantee your app all kinds of exposure, timing and quality is ultimately crucial in deciding whether the app has a long-shelf life or not. If Smartphone technology was available 10 years ago, this golf app would be the most downloaded application by a country mile.

Now, do golfers really want advice about their swing, from a golfer who is enduring very public struggles with his own? Most amateurs don’t need advice on how to smack a ball into a thicket of trees, swear profusely in frustration or kick an ‘offending club’ into the rough in temper.




In addition, its debatable whether an amateur golfer, certainly of a mid to high handicap, has the deep understanding of the technicalities of the golf swing to be able to ascertain what they are doing wrong, even when compared to Woods. They are even less likely to have the technical golf knowledge to perform the drills and practise to put it right.


As golf apps go, this is an interesting one to see how Tiger’s swing is broken down and how he swings the club. As a diagnostic tool, it has a somewhat limited appeal for mid to high handicappers, though we feel low handicap golfers would benefit more from this app. But if you are like most golfers, why would you pay £3 or $5 to watch Tiger’s swing, when you can get equally good analysis almost every week on the sports or golf channels?


We hope you enjoyed our list of New Golf Apps Releases in 2012 for iPhone, iPad and Android. Let us know what are your favorite golf apps and what kind of app would be useful for you on a golf course.



Images by Who’s Your Caddy, Marriott Golf, iTunes


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Conrad May 2, 2012

I have used the Who’s Your Caddy App twice and loved it! On one course, the Caddy Tips were not available, but I still liked the GPS and score tracker. More golf Pros should provide Caddy Tips.


Tommy Priest May 3, 2012

Thank you for letting us know. If you have any other suggestions – please let us know!


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upandcomer July 2, 2012

I’m suprised you didn’t mention AI Golf on the app store. It’s a golf swing analyzer using just your phone, and it’s very accurate (at least for me). It’s cool because Mike Malaska gives instruction based off my swing patterns to improve my game. Really cool App, and you guys should check-it out and see the new technology.


Anthony July 6, 2012

My favourite free golf app right now is mygolfpass. It helps you find local courses and get a green fee discount too.


Tommy Priest July 11, 2012

I’ll ask our team to look at it right away. Thanks


Tommy Priest July 11, 2012

Great – we’ll take a look.


Tommy Priest July 23, 2012

We’ll take a look.


Panupan Sriautharawong November 13, 2012


I made an app that might improve your game. It’s called Live Video Delay. It lets you continuously monitor live video on an adjustable delay of up to 5 minutes transforming your iPad into a delayable mirror. Take a swing and look. Watch and learn as you see yourself hitting the shot. I made it free for a limited time, normally $2.99.

See it on the app store:



Tommy Priest November 14, 2012

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll check it out.


Golfidur January 3, 2013

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Maybe you find it useful


Tommy Priest January 13, 2013

Thank you! I’ll pass the link on to our researchers.


jerry March 4, 2014

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