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The Golfers Library - 10 Golfing Books You Should Have On Your Shelves

You may not think of golfers as a particularly literary bunch, but over the years there have been some magnificent tomes written about this marvellous game.
Whether it is biographies of the great and good, books about golfing strategy or psychology or about individual golfing tournaments or performances, there’s a lot of top notch golfing books out there.

So whether you are still a fan of flipping the pages of the latest tome, or you are more techno-savvy and prefer to do your reading on your Kindle, iPad or similar, here, in no particular order, are ten of the best golf books you should have in your library.



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How to Avoid Looking Like The Golfing Noob the First Time You Play

Ask any beginner golfer what their biggest fear is about playing and many will likely tell you exactly the same answer; making a fool of yourself out on the course.


Whether it is by breaking a simple rule of etiquette, being unable to hit the ball properly, losing too many balls and taking too long to find them to simply slowing down all the golfers playing behind you, it is little wonder that many beginners have a sense of real trepidation when they head out onto a genuine 18-hole, full length golf course for the very first time.

So how do you avoid looking like the nervous newbie out on the course for the first time? We’ll show you precisely how below…





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At the highest level of the game all the best players can hit all the shots in the bag, but there are a surprising number of golfers of lesser ability, who can still produce some high quality shots on a seemingly regular basis.


Yet, paradoxically, when they take their pristine game from the range onto the course, they tend to fall apart slightly. Why is this the case?


The key lies in developing the other side of your golf game that isn’t to do with shot making, but instead is played on the course that exists permanently between your two ears.



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As we are in the grasp of Winter, now is a great time to dig out the clubs and start doing a little work in preparation for the warmer weather, longer days and the start of the 2014 golf season for most amateur golfers.

Sure, the professionals are already well in action, but for the majority of us, its either a choice of winter golf (if available) or a wait until the weather improves and the snow melts to head out onto the course.


That said, there’s still lots you can do to prepare yourself for the new season and in this article, we’ll look at three great ways you can get yourself in shape ready for the better weather.




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Five Great Things About Winter Golf For The Amateur Hacker

Being brutally honest, winter golf can be a bit of a slog at times. If the rain isn’t going to get you then the strong, cold wind can turn even a dry round into something of an ordeal.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Winter golf is a mindset that you need to conquer in order to keep your game in the best shape possible for when the weather improves.


If that means hitting balls at the range so be it, but why spend money hitting balls, when you could be hitting the course?

Here’s some handy winter tips to prepare for your first winter round…


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The Snugg Apple iPad mini leather case cover review

We have tried the Snugg iPad mini cover now for over two months and the results are generally very positive.

When it arrived at GorillaGolfBlog, we were somewhat startled by the bright orange color but we quickly got over that as it turned out to be very trendy and in fact made the case extremely visible – we definitely like the orange color.

The next impression was that at first it seemed much thicker than the previous cover that we had before, but we got used to that right away. In fact, Snugg cover gave the impression to be much more solid and protective of the mini iPad.


Snugg Apple iPad mini cover

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Why you should be out on the course this winter!

As the days slowly merge from summer into autumn and the nights start to draw in, for many golfers it is the time of year when they consider stowing the clubs for another year as their opportunities to play, especially for evening golfers, are limited by the shortening hours of daylight.


I must admit, I was one of these golfers for many years. I didn’t particularly enjoy winter golf as such and I was a bit of wimp. I didn’t like the fact that those extra layers seemed to impact my golf swing. I hated the fact that there were branches, leaves and other detritus on the course which could kick even a decent shot into an awkward lie in the rough and most of all, I hated those pockmarked, uneven, temporary greens.


This year however, is different. Having made big strides this year with how I am hitting the ball and feeling like my game is really starting to come together after several years of being stagnant, I know that six months of not playing will put me back to square one in 2014.


So this year, I’m dusting off the wet weather gear, packing extra layers, swapping the ice pack for a thermos and going to head out onto the course when time, conditions and weather allows it.





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