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Snugg Apple iPad mini cover

The power of mobile devices is such that nowadays, you can use your device for almost anything. Golfers have found that their device, whether that be a phone or tablet, can be used alongside apps for a vast number of reasons.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what we think will be amongst the best ten golf-related apps of 2015.


Orange Snugg iPad cover



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Golf Quiz 2014 app review

If you have a smartphone or a tablet device, then you will have been inundated over the last couple of years by a number of games where a picture is displayed and you have to guess either what the picture is, or what the link between them is.

Indeed, there are a vast number of these games now, across a wide variety of subject areas and perhaps unsurprisingly, golf has now got its own version.


It’s called Golf Quiz 2014 and we took a look at it on the iPad over the last week.

Let’s see how it checks out:


Golf Quiz 1

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The Golfers Library - 10 Golfing Books You Should Have On Your Shelves

You may not think of golfers as a particularly literary bunch, but over the years there have been some magnificent tomes written about this marvellous game.
Whether it is biographies of the great and good, books about golfing strategy or psychology or about individual golfing tournaments or performances, there’s a lot of top notch golfing books out there.

So whether you are still a fan of flipping the pages of the latest tome, or you are more techno-savvy and prefer to do your reading on your Kindle, iPad or similar, here, in no particular order, are ten of the best golf books you should have in your library.



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A New Way to Analyse Your Golf Game Globally – Game Golf

When three companies, including two of the biggest golfing organisations in the world, team up to produce a new golf product, then you can be sure the golfing world will sit up and take notice.


And that is precisely what has happened after the PGA of America, the Golf Channel and Active Mind Technology pooled skills and resources to produce one of the most innovative golfing products in many years.

It’s called the Game Golf Digital Tracking System and it could revolutionise the way you play and view your golf.


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The Best New Golf App and Gizmo of the Year?

One of the biggest criticism’s made about golf swing apps is that while they are useful for recording your swing and analysing against the swing of other players (including professionals), when it comes to feedback, you are very much on your own.


That situation could be about to change thanks to American company Zepp and their range of sporting sensors and app.



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MyGolf 3D iPad app

As the smartphone and tablet revolution continues to grow, increasing numbers of apps will be released and amongst them will be golf apps.

Over the past twelve months, we’ve reviewed a fair few of the good (and a couple of the bad!) golf apps available but it has got us thinking about what golf apps we don’t yet have, but which we’d like to see.


So developers take note! Here’s a list of five types of golf apps that we think would be a real hit with the more technologically minded golfer in 2014 and beyond.




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App Review: GolfStar by COM2US Corp

The premise for Golf Star, when it was first released earlier in 2013, was that it would be the ‘greatest golf game you’ll ever play’. That was a pretty big claim given that the game is up against the likes of Tiger Woods Golf and several other golf games that have their own converts.

So after giving the game the once over, how does GolfStar actually stack up?



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