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    The Nature of Golf

    May 7th, 2010

    Golfers make themselves a bit neurotic with “swing thoughts” – concerns about stance, grip and a thousand other things that sneak in during what should be a moment of clarity as they begin to swing the club.

    Here’s one more nagging question that sneaks in on me: Am i doing the “right thing” from an environmental perspective? Golf and nature conservation are two passions of mine, and I worry: Can they be reconciled?


    Java Tees Among paddies and volcanoes, great golf courses (Part 2 – Final)

    March 22nd, 2010

    Editor: In the second and final part of his article on Java’s golf courses, Paul Sochaczewski continues to dazzle us with his descriptions of these unique golfing delights as well as provides us with a trip planner for our next visit.

    Central Java

    The island’s middle-section contains the royal city of Yogyakarta, considered, along …


    Java Tees Among paddies and volcanoes, great golf courses

    March 17th, 2010

    Editor: On his continuing tour of Distant Greens series, Paul Sochaczewski.
    now takes us to Java, home of beautiful and exotic golf courses

    Java is home to 130 million people, making it one of the most densely populated places on Earth. The island is also home to 20 recently active volcanoes, making it the planet’s most volatile …


    Good Morning, golf Vietnam wakes up to the rich man’s sport (Part 2)

    March 7th, 2010

    Editor: In this part Paul Sochaczewski visits several exceptional Vietnamese golf clubs.

    Long Thanh Golf Club

    Long Thanh

    Long Thanh mixes the kitsch of an Asian theme park with meticulous horticulture and maintenance to create a very special complex with two 18-hole courses.
    The Hill Course, designed by the California-based Golf-Plan, was a pleasure to play even if my golf wasn’t too good that day. It’s beautiful and natural, with numerous …


    Good Morning, golf – Vietnam wakes up to the rich man’s sport

    March 3rd, 2010

    Editor: Over the next few days, Paul Sochaczewski will take you on a wonderous tour of Vietnam’s spectacular golf courses. Let us know what you think.

    Ho Chi  Minh City, Vietnam

    Having spent part of the Vietnam War era as a protester and part as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malaysia – just a hop across the South China Sea from Vietnam – there are two things I would never …


    Distant Greens – Aiming for Green (Part 3 -Final)

    February 14th, 2010

    Editor: In this third and final part Of Aiming for Green, Paul sums up his perspective on the “new ” thinking about golf course development in Asia

    “Golf courses – like many things – are not simply good or evil,” Bruce Tolentino, a director at The Asia Foundation, points out. Some are wasteful or environmentally destructive, while others are as environmentally friendly as current technology allows. “As we learn more about the environmental impact of what we do,” Tolentino says, “we see courses adjusting in response.”

    I still needed to see for myself. So I went to Cambodia to see how to handle the challenge of buildings a course in a seasonally dry region. In designing the new Phokeethra course in the historic city… …


    Distant Greens: Aiming for green (Part 2)

    February 10th, 2010

    Editor’s note: In the first part of this posting, Paul Sochaczweski presented the case for environmentally sustainable golf course development. In Part 2, we will learn something more about the Keppel Club of Singapore.

    When he took over as the club’s president, Edwin Khew instituted a “Go-Green” master plan to make Keppel an “environmental standard bearer.” Khew, a nominated MP, engineer and industrialist specializing in transforming waste into renewable energy, explains that the plan includes extensive planting of trees and shrubs, which encourages birds, butterflies and animals to reproduce; waste management; outreach to the community and to members; and ”green-operations” such as energy saving and recycling. Such efforts, he says, can also benefit the bottom line. Recycling organic waste and turning it into bio-compost, for instance, saves several thousand dollars annually.

    From the elevated open-air restaurant next to the first tee, I could see how several of Keppel’s holes parallel Berlayer Creek, a significant ….. …