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There are 790 golf blogs cramming the internet and our mission is that GorillaGolfBlog.com becomes a unique and fun place to visit for passionate golfers and would-be golfers.

Hi, my name is Tommy Priest, I’m from Switzerland and the GorillaGolfBlog is an important way for me to communicate with fellow passionate golfers from around the world. I started golfing at a young age, but like most of us, had to start and stop many times over the years. But the hook was set – and now, I can golf a lot more often. Golf is the one sport where we can hope to continually improve!

The GorillaGolfBlog was launched in January 2010 and in one short year has published a plethora (in the good sense…) and wide variety of articles and content about golf and golf related topics.

The goal of the blog is to generate and encourage compelling conversation between golfing friends – old and new – and non-golfers to create wider interest in golf. The GorillaGolfBlog talks about our love of the game and its lifestyle in an unconventional and irresistible way.

Please e-mail me at editor[at]gorillagolfblog.com about new ideas, new products and your experiences that you feel would be of interest to the tens of thousands readers in the growing GorillaGolfBlog community.

Tommy Priest



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