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Why “Tiger-Proofing” Courses Is the Wrong Solution

Any time a Major Championship returns to an older course, you’ll often here people lament about the changes made to the design of the course in order to combat the prodigious distances players can hit the ball nowadays.

We’ve had Rory McIlroy hitting one drive well over 400 yards at last year’s British Open. Almost all players on tour regularly sail the ball 300+ yards given decent weather conditions. Many can thrash it 330+ yards, some even further on a regular basis.

When modifying courses for players length from the tee was first mooted, it was called “Tiger-proofing” due to Tiger Woods dominance of the golf and distance off the tee. It’s a phrase that has stuck, even if Tiger’s form hasn’t.




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The World’s Most Expensive Golf Gadgets

Money can’t buy you everything so it is said, but it can certainly buy you a shed load of expensive golfing gadgets and equipment.

So if you are in the fortunate position where money is no object and you want the best of everything for your golf game, let’s look at where you should start.

World’s most expensive golf clubs


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Which Golfers Will Catch The Eye in 2015?

The 2015 golf season looks like being an intriguing one. In the few early season events that we have seen already, we have witnessed some spectacular golf, some of the world’s biggest names excel, others struggle and some new faces emerge.
In this article, we’ll examine five golfers who we think 2015 could be very special for, including some of the biggest names in golf, and perhaps a few names that are yet to roll quite so easily off the tongue but who could be considerably better known come this time next year.

Let us begin however at the top of the tree with the two premiere golfers in the world today:



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The 2015 Open Championship

Arguably the toughest of the four Majors, the Open Championship is a serious test even for the most seasoned of professionals.
Betfair make world number one Rory McIlroy their 7/2 favourite to win the title at St Andrews, and the Northern Irishman will definitely be a solid choice following his impressive victory at Royal Liverpool last year.


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