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Why you should be out on the course this winter!

As the days slowly merge from summer into autumn and the nights start to draw in, for many golfers it is the time of year when they consider stowing the clubs for another year as their opportunities to play, especially for evening golfers, are limited by the shortening hours of daylight.


I must admit, I was one of these golfers for many years. I didn’t particularly enjoy winter golf as such and I was a bit of wimp. I didn’t like the fact that those extra layers seemed to impact my golf swing. I hated the fact that there were branches, leaves and other detritus on the course which could kick even a decent shot into an awkward lie in the rough and most of all, I hated those pockmarked, uneven, temporary greens.


This year however, is different. Having made big strides this year with how I am hitting the ball and feeling like my game is really starting to come together after several years of being stagnant, I know that six months of not playing will put me back to square one in 2014.


So this year, I’m dusting off the wet weather gear, packing extra layers, swapping the ice pack for a thermos and going to head out onto the course when time, conditions and weather allows it.





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Tiger Woods mental golf

A storm is brewing in the golfing world and as usual, Tiger Woods is never very far from the centre of the controversy.

In an interview with a golfing magazine based in the United States, the well-known golfing commentator Brandel Chamblee handed Woods a grade ‘F’ for the season accusing the world number one of being “a little cavalier with the rules”.




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