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All you need to know about the 2012 Evian Masters

This weekend sees the start of the richest competition in women’s golf (tied with the US Open) and certainly one of the most prestigious. Let’s take a look at all you need to know about the 2012 Evian Masters golf tournament!



The Evian Masters has been contested since 1994, when it was the brainchild of Antoine and Franck Ribouel.  The competition was a Ladies European Tour (LET) event for the first six years of its life, becoming a LET and LPGA sanctioned event in 2000.



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In The Bag: Ernie Els Comeback King and 2012 British Open Champion

Comeback king Ernie Els has always been a popular player with British crowds ever since the ‘Big Easy’ won his first British Open at Muirfield in 2002.

Now a decade later, he has earned himself a host of new fans becoming the 2012 British Open Champion after a dramatic last hour’s golf at Royal Lytham and St. Annes Golf Course on a warm Sunday afternoon.


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Luke Donald golf swing

Luke Donald MBE is currently the world’s number one ranked golfer. The British born golfer has built up one of the most consistent, elegant swings in golf and has used it to propel him to the summit of the game and in this article we get in the bag and inside the game of the best golfer on the planet.

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Money No Object? The Most Expensive Golf Equipment Available

It is often said that golf can be an expensive hobby to follow. A full set of decent clubs and all the equipment and clothing that comes with it can run easily into thousands, and that is not even the most expensive golf equipment available.

Add to that the costs of green fees, club membership, range costs, petrol for travel and even accommodation if it is a weekend golf jolly, and the cost soon starts to add up.

For some, the financial considerations barely register (excuse the pun…). For the very wealthy, many of whom profess a love the game, cost is not even part of the equation.

So, if you landed that Euromillion’s jackpot this coming weekend and had a bulging wallet that you needed to lighten by purchasing some of the most expensive and exclusive golf equipment you could afford, what would you pick?

Here’s some of our suggestions to kit yourself with the most exclusive golf gear you can buy!


1. Clubs

Forget your Callaway, Titleists, Mizuno and Taylor Made, even their most expensive offerings pale into comparison compared to Japanese manufacturer HONMA’s Five Star custom fitted set.

For $32,000 a set, you would expect something special and that is precisely what you receive.


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Five of the Best Golf Trick Shots

It is difficult enough at times to play golf traditionally. The struggle from tee to green is one that most golfers have problems with at times, but for some, that isn’t tough enough.

For a select few, such as American golf-genius Phil Mickelson, they polish their skills to the utmost and create some of the most bewildering golfing trick shots imaginable. Listed below are five of Gorilla Golf Blog’s best golf trick shots, featuring some names you will be familiar with and a few who you won’t…

5. Phil Mickelson’s Backward Shot


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Welcome to this first in a series of Gorilla Golf Improvers articles which will help beginner golfers brush up on key aspects of their game. We will use the collective expertise of the GGB team, along with some useful YouTube videos to outline the key points made in each article, often featuring some of the biggest names in world golf.

In this first article of the series, we examine the crucial fundamentals of the game; the set up and we’ll begin by taking some advice from the current World Number One; Luke Donald



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