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A Historical Preview of the Game of Golf

Sometimes fates conspire to turn even the best laid plans of a keen golfing amateur into something of a shambles. For many years now, I’ve followed the same standard procedure over the winter. When the sunlight starts to go of an evening and the days turn cold, this shameful fair-weather golfer puts his clubs in storage for a good few months.

A combination of work commitments, the fact that I am now the only driver at home and quite simply that I loathe cold, damp and wet weather, means that for a good portion of the year, my clubs lie dormant.



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What you need to do to pass Swiss Golf AP and obtain your handicap?

In our last Swiss AP article, we examined the somewhat unusual circumstances in Switzerland and a couple of other European countries where golfers who wish to play the game are required to have passed a qualifying course in order to earn themselves an “Authorisation Parcours” golf certificate to allow them to play the game freely. In this article, we looked at whether this would be a good, or bad thing to have in other countries, especially in the light of waning golf popularity across many European markets.

Now, in this follow up article, we look more closely at the Swiss AP golfing test, what is involved and what kinds of things you need to do to be given the green light to drive off alone on course.




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Which Sports Teams and Hobbies do the Top Golfers Players Follow?

Golfers, like many other sports people, often have an interest in more than just their chosen game. Many of today’s top golfers have a real interest in other sports and in this article, we take a look at some of the world’s finest golfers and the different sports teams and individuals that they follow.

World Number 1 Rory McIlroy is obviously a keen Tennis fan and follows the on court successes of his current squeeze Danish Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki closely. Indeed, at a recent sponsors event in the US, McIlroy leapt onto the court to play a point for his girlfriend against Maria Sharapova. The Ulsterman is also a keen soccer fan, as many European based golfers are, and is an admitted fan of Manchester United Football Club, recently having been given a signed shirt by United and England star Wayne Rooney.

golfers and tennis

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