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The most Beautiful Golf Swing: Luke Donald

The conventional golf wisdom is that to cope with the length of most tour courses nowadays, golfers have to hit the ball as far as possible. For many years, Tiger Woods length from the tee provided the cornerstone of his success. Many other top golfers now regularly spank the ball 300 yards or more down the fairway as technology has helped the most gifted propel the ball previously unimaginable distances.

What were once tricky par five holes have now become a drive and a mid iron for some players. Some par fours can now be driven from the tee, courses are being feverishly modified to ensure that courses remain competitive for players. This generally entails moving the tee as far back as possible, ideally into the next county.


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Where and how to Position a Rake: In or out of the Golf Bunker?

Here’s a good question for all you lovers of the Rules of Golf and it is one that certainly had me stumped for a while; where and how do you position a rake at a bunker once you have finished playing your shot from the sand and have prepared the bunker for the next group?

My good friend Tommy Priest told me of a time when he was playing a shot into a green and slightly mishit it, the ball rolled to the side of the green, clattered into the prongs of a rake that had been left at the side of the bunker, deflecting the ball which rolled down, onto the green and into the hole. A freak occurrence this may be, but it does raise the issue of where do you store the rake when you have finished using it.


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Tips on How to Choose a Good Golf Shoe?

A good golf shoe is like a referee in a soccer game, you don’t notice the good ones, only the poor ones. A good golf shoe will fit snugly to your feet, keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable. They won’t chafe around the angles or heel, or make your feet ache even after 18-holes in tough terrain.

On the other hand, buy the wrong pair of golf shoes and a round can quickly become an ordeal. Aching feet, blisters, sore ankles and heels can quickly turn even the most amiable round of golf into a painful rush to finish. In such circumstances, you cannot concentrate on your golf game as the pain and discomfort from your feet becomes overbearing.


FootJoy-MyJoy-cool Golf-Shoes


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How Golfers can Qualify for the 2016 Olympic Golf Tournament

After over 100 years of absence, golf will return to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Some of the game’s biggest names will finally have the chance to get their hands on an Olympic gold medal; the first awarded since Canadian George Lyon won gold at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis.

So what do we know about the forthcoming Olympic competition, its qualification system, the tournament itself and where it is likely to be played?


2016 Olympic Games Golf Tournament in Rio

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How to Maintain Pristine Golf Gear Through the Winter

For many fair weather golfers, winter signals an unwelcome hiatus in golfing activities in many parts of the world. A combination of poor weather, fewer sunlight hours and soggy conditions on courses, can mean that many golfers have an enforced break every twelve months or so.

That said, it is important to take care of your golf gear even if it is not being used and some of the top tips outlined below will help ensure that your golfing equipment is in perfect shape when the first few buds of spring start to bloom into life.



Golf Clubs

To maintain your clubs over the winter takes only a little time and effort, but can ensure that your clubs are not only in pristine condition when you come to play again, but stay in top class condition for longer.


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Rehabilitation Through Golf - How Wounded Soldiers Rebuild Their Lives

There are many reasons we choose to play golf. For some of us, it is just the chance to socialise with friends for a few hours, others have a deep and abiding love of the game, for many, the game is akin to an addiction that needs to be sated. A few of us, however,  play the game in the belief that it may somehow rehabilitate us, and for one group of people in particular this is most certainly the case.


Wounded soldiers, who have been injured while in action across the globe, are now benefitting from the rehabilitative effects of golf. In the Washington State, near Seattle, the organizers of the Wounded Veterans Golf Clinic, have quickly realised that golf can play a key role in helping soldiers learn to cope with their injuries.


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Happy New Year to our Fellow Golfers

Gorilla Golf Blog team wishes a Happy and Healthy 2012 to all of our fellow golfers.

Stayed tuned this year for even more thought provoking and stimulating articles!

Gorilla Golf Blog Happy Holidays

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