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Lee Westwood and his Ping Golf Bag Equipment

If you are a believer that to become the best player in the world, you need to have swung a golf club since the day you started to  walk, then Lee Westwood is evidence that this is not the case.

But Lee Westwood never owned his own set of clubs until he reached the age of 13 when his grandparents bought him his own half set. Not that Lee was slow to develop his skills with his new gift, becoming junior champion of his home county Nottinghamshire less than two years later.

Lee-Westwood-golf equipment

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The Strange World of Golf Equipment Terminology: Version Pro V1.1 7A-X(2) Quad-Razor-Valve²

I consider myself to be nothing more than an amateur golfer, not an astoundingly good one, but not one either that would make you consider giving up the game and taking up something a little interesting; such as waiting for the next ice age to arrive.

There are many things that I love about this great game; the mental testing, the fatigue factor, that gust of wind which can change a hole from a benign par 4, into a test of beast of golfing ingenuity.

Golf course


Then there is the camaraderie on the course from fellow players, John Daly’s dress sense, Tiger Woods saying “Tigurrrrrrrr!” every time he hits a bad shot (which is now worryingly frequent), Peter Alliss style of commentary, akin to an avuncular fireside chat over a packet of Werther’s Originals. There’s the delight of nailing a perfect approach shot to the heart of the green, watching that lengthy putt topple joyously into the hole and the all-too infrequent gasps of admiration from the watching crowd (in my mind…) as you thump a glorious drive 300 yards down the middle of the fairway.

But appreciate the strange world of golf equipment terminology? Not a chance; can you?

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Golf Cart - To Walk or Ride on a Golf Course? The 21st Century Golfing Dilemma

Professionals do it on two legs. So do most amateurs in Europe, though there are those persuaded otherwise on occasion. In the US, the very thought of doing it on two legs is almost unheard of on some courses, where everyone instead does it on four wheels.

It seems the question of whether you walk, or ride when you play a round of golf, is a burning issue at the start of the 21st century.

Certainly, the issue caused a stir a decade or so ago when Casey Martin, a professional golfer who suffers from a circulatory disorder that makes it painful for him to walk, asked the USPGA if he could use a golf cart during their tournaments.



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Keegan Bradley and his Cleveland Golf Equipment

It is fair to say that prior to the 2011 season, few people in professional golf had heard of Keegan Bradley.

But as the winner of two events in his first season as a PGA pro, including the recent major win at the USPGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, that has most certainly changed.

The native of Woodstock, Vermont was born on June 7 1986 and turned professional in 2008 after graduating from St John’s University. He began his competitive career on the NGA Hooters Tour, winning in his fifth and final event of the year before winning a second event in 2009 at the Texas Honing Open. He attempted to earn his PGA Tour card for 2010 but failed to do so by two shots, however a year later a consistent season on the Nationwide tour saw him finish 14th in the money list and earn his PGA card for 2011.


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16 Year Old Lexi Thompson Becomes Youngest Ever LPGA Winner

She’s still five months away from her 17th birthday, but 16-year-old Lexi Thompson is now on top of the world after her stunning five-stroke victory at the LPGA Navistar Classic in Prattville, Alabama.

Lexi’s win saw her become the youngest ever golfer to win an event on any professional tour, let alone the LPGA. She shot a final round 70 to finish on 17-under-par to take home a winner’s cheque for £124,000.

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Golf Technology: The 5 Worst Golf Apps for iPhone and iPad

Your new smartphone may be your shiny new toy, but once you have finished playing Angry Birds and decided to use your powerful new gadget to help you on the golf course, you will be confronted by a plentiful choice of different golf apps, all designed to help you develop one or more aspects of your game.

Of course, some of these apps are very useful and last week’s article on Gorilla Golf Blog showed you ten such golf apps, but occasionally there are apps out there that the moment you download and pay for them, you instantly regret doing so. Here’s our list of five worst golf apps to avoid for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and precisely why they should be left well alone, in the words of those who have downloaded and reviewed the products on iTunes store.


Lost golf ball

1. ViewTi Golf 2010 ($29.99, £20.99)

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Hybrid Golf Clubs – Technologically Advanced or Avoiding the Issue with 3 and 4 Irons?

Next time you are on the golf course and have a few spare moments, check the bag of any amateur hacker. It is a good bet that while the 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons will be well used, the driver showing marks of hundreds of errant drives and fairway woods the same, a quick look at the 3 or 4 iron will make you wonder if the club had been bought only yesterday.

For the amateur golfer, the 3 and 4-irons are their playing nemesis. Most amateurs would prefer to try and smack a 5-iron beyond the limits of human capabilities, or choke down awkwardly on a fairway wood, than try to hit a 200-yard 3-iron into a tight green.


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