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Golf Clothing – Why is Golf Etiquette so Strict?

Golf is unwavering adherence to certain principles and golfing etiquette that, while not part of the rules of the game, remain central to how golf is played. Chatting audibly while people are taking their shots and standing on another golfers line on the putting surface are definite “faux pas”. But perhaps most obvious of all, it is a game that requires its own peculiar, understated golf fashion and its own golf dress code.

While golfing fashions may have altered over the years, strict adherence to the golf dress code has remained in place, certainly on privately owned courses. Indeed, probably the most often read phrase on any list of golf membership rules begins with “Gentlemen are not permitted to wear…”

Usually, the list of clothes that golfers are not allowed to wear on the course can be broadly described as hip and perhaps more controversially, the domain of the working class. Jeans, jogging bottoms, sports tops, collarless t-shirts and training shoes are all frowned upon and deemed unfit for golfing purposes.

Golf cloting in 1986

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