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Pinehurst No. 2 Restoration Project

What’s the one thing you think about when you envision a U.S. Open venue, deep rough right? Hosel grabbing, slashing, hay-flying, advance it 10 feet rough.

Well not in 2014, however at Pinehurst No. 2.  In an interview with John Huggan of The Scotsman,  Bill Coore who has been working with Ben Crenshaw to restore Pinehurst No. 2, gave word that the 2014 US Open and the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open will be the first to showcase no rough.

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Celebrities Love to Play Golf

Does Donald Trump need to own a golf course to compensate his handicap? Trump, who currently owns at least 11 golf courses plays, we hear, to a 1 to 4 handicap. From the Caribbean to Scotland, he can play anywhere and anytime. Does it affect his handicap? Not negatively, from the sound of it.

It is well known that Justin Timberlake aspires to play on the PGA tour. Currently at a six handicap, he’ll have to work at it to make it to the weekend past the cut. Timberlake once said that he gets more nervous playing golf in front of 500 people, than being on stage in front of 20,000 people. He’ll also need to step up his game if he wants to beat out the likes of Kenny G (R-2) and Huey Luis (R-12 on Golf Digest’s Music Rankings) for best musician golfer.

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Breaking the Code - Dress Code on a Golf Course

Golf may seem as simple as hitting a white ball into a hole, but scratch the surface a bit and you will find lots of social implications. Originally, golf was aimed at socializing, especially among upper class families. Therefore, dress codes were established to appeal to the social elite.

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Lee Westwood and His Equipment – 17 Years On Tour

Lee Westwood turned pro at the back end of 1993. During this time, golf equipment has changed extensively and whilst Westwood has hardly “chopped and changed”, he hasn’t been slow to adopt new technologies. So we thought we’d have a look at some of the clubs that Westwood has had in his bag on his ascent to world number 1.

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Another Golf Player, Elliot Saltman Banned. Time for a Golf Prison?

Update 14/02/2011
Elliot Saltman will not appeal his three month ban from the European Tour, but he denies cheating and any wrongdoing. Saltman has apparently also passed a lie detector test, but he thinks that the current European Tour procedures restrict his ability to appeal the case and he will not be successful.


Just last week we ran an article about Camilo Villegas being disqualified, it seems that this week we can reveal another golfer that has stepped over the rules and got himself banned. Scotsman Elliot Saltman has been given a three month ban from the European Tour after he was found guilty of breaking the rules at the Russian Challenge Cup back in September 2010.

Saltman was accused of marking his ball incorrectly on at least five occasions, thus breaking the Rules of Golf. His golf partners Marcus Higley and Stuart Davies first indicated the rule violation to Saltman and then to the referee Gary Butler, stating that they refuse to sign Saltman’s scorecard because he cheated. After a short discussion between the four, Saltman was disqualified from the European Tour.

As golf is considered to be one of the most honorable sports, then cheating is thought to be the most severe offence that a golfer can commit. If there’s another violation next week, they better start building a prison for “rogue” golfers.

Image by Geoff Penaluna
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Kyle Lograsso - the Next Generation Tiger Woods [VIDEO]

In our last post our friend, Lisa, talked about why it’s important to teach kids to golf from an early age and brought to our attention the video of young golf prodigy Kyle Lograsso.

I recommend watching it all the way through. Kyle and his parents are special people. Golf is a special game. But then again, we all know that…

Video from Yahoo

Kyle is now 8yrs old and his biggest wish came true last November, when he finally met Tiger Woods.

Kyle also has his own foundation called Through Kyle’s Eyes that you can visit here

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Teach Your Children How To Golf While They Are Young

It is important for kids to know the sport of golf. Thanks to Dad, I have holding a golf club since I could stand. Throughout the years, again thanks to the patience of my father, the sport has earned my deepest respect as have the people who play it.

What you’ll read here is from the direct experience of a kid who learned the sport young and grew up in a neighborhood where not many kids could have the same advantage. Enjoy!

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