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Spiritual Golf

Golf is certainly a sport requiring physical skills. Mental toughness is important too. But sometimes we don’t realize that golf is also very much a spiritual game, with good players showing a sense of contentment.

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2nd Annual IGOLF Environment Tour Event at Lavaux Golf Club

Reserve the date! August 20, 2010
We are pleased to announce to the 2nd Annual IGOLF Environment Tour event which will once again be held at the beautiful IGOLF Laureate Lavaux Golf Course at the Lac de Bret in Puidoux. The Lavaux Golf Course can be proud of its approach to environmentally sound and sustainable golf course management.

Following a successful first event, IGOLF in collaboration with MyGolf SA has put together what we hope will be an even more enjoyable day. There will be a Competiton, an Initiation and a cocktail. All the details can be found in the above e-booklet!

  • The Competition: individual, Stableford (gross and net), Price: Frs 120, including the cocktail (for Lavaux members Frs 20 plus Frs 30 for the cocktail, if desired), or
  • The Initiation: for new and would-be golfers, Putting contest as well. Price: Frs 60, including the cocktail

Lots of gifts and prizes and the events will be followed by a cocktail.

Click on the brochure for details

It’s easy to inscribe – just send us your details at

Reserve now! August 20, 2010

Please pass the information on to any friends you think might be interested – Thanks!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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The best par-t of Golf

Good golf humor (not an oxymoron) is the best part of the golfing experience. This new section of Gorilla Golf starts the ball rolling with some quips submitted by our friend Jim Thorsell. We welcome your submissions! Just send your stories, quips and  wisdom to us at (just clean and funny… and if possible – original!)

A ‘gimme’ can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers… neither of whom can putt very well.

Golf! You hit down to make the ball go up.  You swing left and the ball goes right.  The lowest score wins. And on top of that, the winner buys the drinks (this doesn’t happen in my club….). …

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Smart Putting

During a typical round of golf you will use your putter much more than any other club. Obviously, putting well is crucial for good scoring. And putting takes no special strength or athletic ability. Yet we all seem to struggle on the greens. This is particularly the case with “gorilla golfers” who love to whack the ball but have trouble with feel. …

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The 150th "Open" and the Gorilla's Champion of Champions Contest

In true British fashion, just the name, “The Open”, elucidates the exclusive and singular nature this Championship of Championships engenders. Normally, the Gorilla would be a little wary of the self-importance that “The Open” organizers put on their tournament – after all, golfing has become a worldwide sport since the Society of St Andrews Golfers starting making the rules back in  1754. That said, having played the Old Course last October, one is indeed awestruck and quite reverential about”The Auld Grey Toon”.

The seaside town of St Andrews is …

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