Young Golfer from Thailand - Kiradech Aphibarnrat aka Arm

Kiradech Aphibarnat is an up and coming youngster from Thailand. They call him the Asian John Daly, not for his appetite but because of his hitting style. Kiradech has had a noteworthy amateur career. He won twice at the Junior World Championships, finished runner-up in the 2007 Southeast Asian Games and the same at the 2007 Putra Cup.

Kiradech, 21, turned professional in 2008. Before turning pro, Kiradech, a Buddhist, changed his name from Anujit Hirunratanakorn to Kiradech Aphibarnrat, though majority of people know him as Arm. He is currently ranked 149th in the world and first in the scoring average on the Asian Tour. He won the 2011 SAIL Open, an Asian Tour event earlier this year.

Arm Kiradech-Aphibarnrat

Hi Arm! It’s great to have you here. Thanks for answering a few questions for our readers:

GGB: What makes you happy?
Arm: When I win a competition, it makes me happy.

GGB: What do you fear the most?
Arm: I’m feel fear and nervous when I lose games and miss the cut because of it..

GGB: Who do you most admire?
Arm: I would say my dad is whom I most admire. I started playing golf because of him.

GGB: What is your favorite golf course?
Arm: Torrey Pines Golf Course. I use to play there when I was younger, at the Junior World.

GGB: Where do you enjoy being the most?
Arm: Home is the best place where I can relax and enjoy myself the most.

GGB: If you were not a golfer, what would you like to be?
Arm: If I were not a golfer, I would be a race car driver!

GGB: What is the most important tip you can give us?
Arm: Be strong, be patient and tolerant.

GGB: What is your greatest achievement?
Arm: Winning on the Asian tour and my next goal is to win a major champion.

GGB: Do you have a good luck charm?
Arm: Wearing the Buddha and keeping for good luck.

GGB: What is your best quality?
Arm: I’m a pretty long hitter but also feel good about my approach shots.

GGB: What do you most like in your partner?
Arm: My coach helps me with my workout especially, my golf swing to optimize my performance.  When I’m playing, my caddie is helps me by watching my game, advising how I should hit and ensuring that I’m on the right track. They both give me more confidence.

GGB: Who is your hero?
Arm: Dad is my hero. He is the person who stands behind me, trains me and helps me with everything about golf.

Thanks again Arm for sparing some time for us. Good luck for the rest of your season!

Image from Kiradech Aphibarnrat

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