The Most Amazing Golfer - Moe Norman

Ever heard of Moe Norman, the man who set 33 course records, won 13 Canadian Tour events, played for Canada in the World Cup in 1971, shot 59 three times and 17 holes-in-one? No? It’s not surprising, because many people have never heard of the best golfer in the world, renowned for his amazing accuracy. If he would have played today, then he would have been a superstar, shadowing Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and others. However, in the 50s and 60s the PGA was not impressed with his showmanship and the press was less than kind. Here’s a great clip about Moe Norman:

Here’s Moe Norman’s single plane golf swing explained

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Golfer Phil March 24, 2011

That was the most amazing videos I have ever watched about golf. Simple and logical. If that swing produced those results, I’m going to do a Tiger Woods and have a change of golf swing. Nothing to loose, much to gain.


Tommy Priest April 1, 2011

Go for it!