Start the Season with a Mini Tour of Europe - 5 Courses in 7 Days

What better way to begin 2013 than with a mini golf tour of Europe? We understand that a golf tour can be taxing, so we’ve kept the itinerary down to just 7 days and 5 golf courses. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll shun variety – you’ll play in three different countries, visit some of Europe’s finest cities, and play in Europe’s best golf courses:

1. Golf Club de Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland

Start your golf tour in one of Switzerland’s finest golf courses in the beautiful city of Geneva. The forty year old 18-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones and overlooks the stunning Lake Geneva. Its tree lined fairways and greens have captivated many, making it one of Europe’s best courses. That it’s located just half an hour from the airport.


2. Pont Royal, Mallemort, France

From Geneva, head south to Mallemort to enjoy a game of golf on the spectacular Pont Royal golf course in the Aix-en-Provence on French Riviera. A little over 400km away from Geneva, it’s the perfect place to kick-start the French phase of your golf tour. The Pont Royal golf course enjoys stunning views of the many rolling hills, farmlands, and streams of French Riviera. The golfing is equally exciting with an 18-hole course designed by celebrated Spanish golfer, Severiano Ballesteros.

3. G. de Morfontaine, Mortefontaine, France

For the next leg of our golf tour, it’s time to head north to one of France’s most celebrated golf courses. Ranked no. 18 on Golf Digest’s “100 Best Golf Courses Outside the US” list, G. de Morfontaine is located in the outskirts of Paris (46km) and is a spectacular 27-hole course spread over several hundred acres. The beautiful woods of Parc Naturell regional Orse-Pays provide plenty of scenery and the golfing is equally amazing.

4. Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany

After wrapping up business in France, it’s time to head over to one of Germany’s leading golf courses tucked away in the tiny town of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. You’ll have to fly into Cologne, which is just 55km away from the town. It might be a little out of the way, but the gorgeous views of the Ahr valley and Eifel hills more than make up for the extra effort. Of course, the golfing is equally up to the mark, with an 18-hole course and another shorter 9-hole course.


5. Domaine Imperial, Gland, Switzerland

Let’s finish off our golf tour right from where we started – near the beautiful Lake Geneva. Domaine Imperial is the spiritual home of golfing in Switzerland. Designed by Peye Dye, it opened to the public in 1987 and has featured in virtually every top 10 list of golf courses in Europe since. The course itself is just a short drive away from the Geneva airport, so you can swing right in from your Cologne flight and start playing!

Images by Golf Club Geneva, Domain Imperial

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Paul January 22, 2013

I used to play the Geneva golf course, Golf Club de Geneve, when I was on my way back from Nigeria in the early 80’s where I worked as a drilling consultant in the oil exploration. Well worth the money, and very beautiful.


Keith Reed January 31, 2013

This would be a simply amazing vacation. I have always wanted to play courses in Europe, as I know they play much different than most courses in America.


Tommy Priest February 2, 2013

Do it! Normally the distances between the holes is shorter, so they’re great to walk.


Tommy Priest February 2, 2013

Thank you for your comment. There are so many beautiful courses in Switzerland.