Naturist Golf Resort "La Jenny" in France

A novel golf concept came across our desk the other day. Naturist golf.

La Jenny”, a resort on the west coast of France – not too far from Bordeaux claims to be the only naturalist golf resort in the world…. (Let us know if you know of any others – hard to believe there aren’t any…)

“La Jenny” was created in 1993 and expanded to cover 9 hectares in 2009. That isn’t a big course (6 holes) as championship courses, even non-championship 18 hole courses should cover around 60 hectares. But then again, how long do you want to walk around a course completely nude?

The six playing holes include 4 par 3s and 2 par 4s. We wonder what’s in store at the 7th hole for drinks and refreshment. Their promotion mentions a welcoming clubhouse to have an enjoyable time “after golf”.

The resort provides indivdual and group lessons with a professional on their incomparable (accoring to the website) driving range. There are no restrictions – we suppose that means no handicap is necessary to play. Their slogan is “At La Jenny, golf is available for everyone. See you soon for a tee-off.”

Naturist golf

There is, however a code of conduct (here is a partial list of the rules):

  • Nudity is not optional
  • Respect nudity – don’t hide, don’t exhibit
  • Sex toys are prohibited in public and any overt sexual conduct is strictly forbidden

For security:

  • To protect our forest: No open fires, barbeques must be used, no thowing cigarette butts or bottles.
  • The speed limit is 20 km/h with priority given to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Photgraphy is limited to within the family
  • Save water, but showers are obligatory before entering the pool.

La Jenny adheres to the values and principles of naturism; complete nudity, respect for yourself and others and of the environment.

The area boasts great eating and beautiful ocean views. While we haven’t experienced La Jenny yet, first-hand, we have been in the region and it is indeed ruggedly beautiful with some gorgeous golf courses in the area (Les Molliets – a links course which hugs the Atlantic, for one). For windsurfers, the Lacanau region is world renown and is nearby.


Images via La Jenny
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Drayson November 9, 2010

Brilliant! Would love to hear more about this golf course. You guys should get an insider scoop with interviews with those behind this club and players who go there. I would be a willing reporter provided I get to keep my slacks on!


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Bob Knows May 25, 2011

It would be good to have more courses where naked golf is permitted.


Tommy Priest May 27, 2011

Can’t disagree with you! Let us know if you find any and we’ll do the same…