Ask anybody what they think a typical young person’s stag do consists of and you are likely to get a somewhat consistent answer.

Usually it will be one that consists mainly of a booze-filled night out where the groom is gradually intoxicated before being ‘treated’ to a private lap-dance or striptease, followed by being tied naked to a lamppost or being placed on a train, with no money and a one way ticket to Madrid.

However, that somewhat unedifying image of a typical stag do is slowly changing. Increasingly, a stag party is less a one night event and more often an event often lasting a weekend, several days or occasionally an entire week and with that has brought about a change in focus.

The types of activity that a person enjoys on a stag do is changing considerably. While having a few drinks is still very much part of the culture, as is having a good time, many stag parties are now looking for different events which they can enjoy together and perhaps surprisingly, golf is proving to be a very popular choice.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that it is such a popular game for men in particular, it is suited to both younger males and older males alike in a way that something like paintballing, jetskiing or bungee jumping is not.

In addition to being inclusive to all members of the party, it is also a great way for the people in the party to get over the previous night’s partying. What better way to beat a hangover than by heading out into the sun with friends to enjoy fresh air and glorious countryside. It is quiet, sedate, yet still competitive enough to give everyone in your party, whether they are a semi-pro or a high handicapper, a real competitive challenge.

Another reason why golf is proving so popular with stag parties is that it can be relatively inexpensive to organise. Many courses offer discounts for larger group bookings and in comparison to the cost of paying for a group to visit a casino, or to play paintball for several hours, it is a markedly cheaper and more cost-effective option.

In addition, it always helps having the 19th hole, where you can retire you following your round for a quick ‘hair of the dog’ and a bite to eat before you decide what you are going to do next.

The final reason golf is popular with stag do’s is simply its availability. Whether you are spending your stag do in your home town, or travelling to far-flung parts of the globe, there are always likely to be golf courses in the area for you to enjoy playing at. Indeed some of the most popular stag do destinations, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin, Prague, the Costa del Sol, Barcelona, Paris, the Algarve, Berlin, Las Vegas and Amsterdam all have first rate golf courses close by.

There are now even companies specialising in stag do golf trips where the emphasis is as much on golf as it is the stag party and where the main focus of the trip is not just having a good time with the groom-to-be, but also enjoying plenty of fabulous golf on your trip too.

So if you think that maybe you are a little too old for the stag party scene then think again. You won’t have to dust off your 70’s disco gear, your elvis wig and sideburns or even dress as a lady. Instead, all you may need to do is dust off your golf clubs and get ready to enjoy some of the finest golf in Europe.

And that is a marriage made in heaven!

Images Courtesy of Theodore C on Flickr 

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