Golfers have no shortage of things to spend their money on, from the tongue in cheek to the overpriced, gadgets abound from Ebay to the local pro shop. While a number of these may help you take a stroke or two off your round a number are nothing short of pure dross. Flotsam and Jetsam that empty your wallet and make you look as silly as those yellow plaid pants that shouldn’t even be worn on a golf course. There are so many out there that this list will certainly seem a touch incomplete but here goes in no particular order…..

Camouflage Golf Ballcamouflage-golf-balls

The camouflage golf ball truly takes the cake. While most golfers struggle to make it through their rounds without losing a golf ball this innovation will help you lose your ball even if it’s sitting less than six feet from the hole. A new height in ridiculousness.

Practice Green Putt Returner

The Practice Green Putt Returner from Hammacher Schlemmer is a fine waste of $50. Once fastened into a practice green hole, the catapult is activated with each made putt.

The makers suggest that it will save you the trouble of retrieving all of those putts while saving you the trouble of bending over to retrieve your ball. The problem? First, if you are unable to reach down and retrieve your ball on the course you are probably better suited for a day at the chiropractors rather than a day on the links. Second, and the real kicker, it only sends your ball back to you upon making a putt. Your missed putts? You will have to chase those down.

Bicycle Golf Caddy

The Bicycle Golf Caddy is taking the “green” movement way too far.
There is no denying the fact that people should be conscious of their carbon footprint but has no one heard of a pull-cart? The idea of riding your bicycle from shot to shot while pulling your clubs turns golf into, well, a sport. Golf is about a good walk spoiled, not an invigorating work-out.

Golf Club Urinal

There are bad ideas and there are bad ideas and this bit of nonsense is not only a  horrible idea but quite disgusting while simultaneously running the risk of bladder infections. While many enjoy a beer on the course this “urinal club” suggests that you simply urinate down the shaft of this specially designed “club”. I imagine following its use you simply have to empty it in the woods, the exact place you should have been doing your business in the first place. While just plain silly it is probably the only club in your bag that is guaranteed to keep you out of the woods, but in this case that’s not a good thing.

There are undoubtedly a number of “gadgets” that could have made this list. The Hummer golf cart, the GPS equipped hat, and three-wood weed-whacker would certainly make most peoples list but the urine filled port-a-potty seven iron carried by someone on a bicycle looking for a camouflage golf ball would make a spectacle that most would sooner never see.

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The Novice February 14, 2011

I received a Potty Putter which I thought was a pretty poor gift. It is what you imagine from the name, but if you’re not sure check out amazon.


Tommy Priest February 17, 2011

Pretty stupid stuff, we agree…but different!


Golf Clubs February 17, 2011

It may be difficult to buy golf gifts for some golfers if they are very particular about the type of clubs, bag or balls they want.


Patrick Henry February 21, 2011

Some of these gifts are worth it for the comedy value. I’ve received gifts like this before such as those golf balls that explode when you hit them. Great to see your friends use them and get splattered!


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Tommy Priest March 14, 2011

We don’t endorse them – just report on them!


Tommy Priest March 14, 2011

If that’s your thing!


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