Top 5 Must Have Golf Products of 2012

Few sports are as innovative or rely as heavily on research and development as golf. Each year sees new golf products hitting the shelves for the first time which offer golfers not just more choice, but (supposedly) greater distance on their shots, more control of their shots, a ball that is easier to control, more comfortable golf attire, more accurate putters and so on.

The year 2012 is no different to any other year in that respect, but which items should you be considering to add to your golf equipment this year? Listed below are five products that Gorilla Golf view as being the must have products of 2012.


1. Tin Cup Golf Ball Marker

One of the best ways to tell if an item is a sure fire hit is if it is innovative, eye-catching but also has a practical use and these golf ball markers fulfil all the criteria perfectly. Coming in a range of designs, you simply place your ball in the tin cup and then colour in your chosen pattern using your marker. The result is a clever way to mark your ball that is both stylish, simple and eye catching. A brilliant small gift for the golfer who has everything and they come in a vast range of different designs too.

2. Optishot Indoor Golf Simulator

If you have a spare room, then instead of another bedroom, home office or storage space for various clutter, why not make it into your own all-weather, indoor championship golf course? With Optishot’s new indoor golf simulator, the chance to play 11 courses, or hit balls on the range, can now be brought into the home allowing up to four players to play together. For a little over £300,  you can bring the magic of golf with your own clubs and balls, indoors.

3. Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

For around $400, Callaway have produced one of the lightest, easiest to swing and longest drivers in the world today, yet the RAZR Fit is much more than that. The innovative weighting system allows the golfer to transfer where the weight in the club is, adjust the angle of the club face and ensure that the club is optimally set up for them to hit longer, straighter drives more of the time.

Callaway have always been a brand famed for their quality drivers ever since the first Big Bertha, but the new RAZR really is a club that can make a real difference for so many golfers, of all ability levels.


4. Nike 20XI Golf Ball

It seems every year a new ball is brought out to challenge the dominance of the Titleist ProV1 series and over the years all the big name golf manufacturers have tried. Perhaps, in 2012, Nike’s new offering may just be the ball that offers players that extra something. At its heart is a brand new resin core, the first ball of its kind to be made from this secret new material.

Nike claim that their new ball not only offers greater distance off the tee, but also greater control for those delicate shots into and around the green. If the hype is true, we may finally have a ProV1 beater on our hands and as such, for that reason alone, it is worth trying for a round or two in 2012.

5. Taylor Made Rocketballz Irons

Taylor Made are a company that have never really enjoyed enduring popularity for the quality of their irons. Their drivers have been hugely popular with golfers, but many players have never felt quite so comfortable with their irons. That however looks set to change in 2012 thanks to the innovative Rocketballz Irons.

Taylor Made have nailed it with these set of Irons, that offer variable thickness of face throughout the set, allowing you to hit the ball longer and more accurately, with greater control, than ever before.




So whether it is an expensive new driver or set of irons, or a stocking filler to keep someone amused, there are plenty of innovative golf products available for 2012. Ally ou need to do now, is head out and use them!


Images by Callaway, TaylorMade

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