Tips on How to Choose a Good Golf Shoe?

A good golf shoe is like a referee in a soccer game, you don’t notice the good ones, only the poor ones. A good golf shoe will fit snugly to your feet, keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable. They won’t chafe around the angles or heel, or make your feet ache even after 18-holes in tough terrain.

On the other hand, buy the wrong pair of golf shoes and a round can quickly become an ordeal. Aching feet, blisters, sore ankles and heels can quickly turn even the most amiable round of golf into a painful rush to finish. In such circumstances, you cannot concentrate on your golf game as the pain and discomfort from your feet becomes overbearing.


FootJoy-MyJoy-cool Golf-Shoes


It is the same in inclement weather. Good shoes keep the wet out and the warmth in, poor shoes do the exact opposite and can leave a golfer with two cold, muddy blocks of ice for feet at the end of a round.

Obviously, choosing your golf shoe is therefore very important and you should take care to ensure that the shoes you buy, are ones that will allow you to concentrate on improving your golf, rather than causing you discomfort while you play.

Listed below, in no particular order are three types of golf shoe that have stood the test of time and are a great starting point for those considering purchasing their first or a new pair of golfing shoes, we’ve organised them into budget, mid-range and top of the range pricings.



Adidas Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes approximate cost $54.95

Golfers who only play in warmer conditions will find the Adidas Tech Response offers the perfect solution. It is lightweight and breathable, which makes it ideal in warmer weather, but it is light and comfortable like a training shoe. Indeed its design looks very much like an Adidas trainer. If you are a fair-weather golfer who does not play too often and does not want to spend a great deal on golf shoes, then this is an ideal choice.

Adidas-Tech-Response-3.0 Golf Shoes



Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes approximate cost: $149.95

Nike are a very popular manufacturer of golf shoes and trainers and their stylish Lunar Control range are excellent value for money. They are lightweight and provide ample support and cushioning to make them extremely comfortable to wear on a round. They come with a two-year waterproof warranty and a 45-day comfort warranty to ensure that the purchaser is more than happy with the shoes.





FootJoy Myjoys ICON Golf Shoes approximate cost : $259.95 

FootJoy are one of the biggest names in golfing footwear and used by tour professionals worldwide. Their Myjoys shoe come in a range of styles and are fully customisable by the user. The shoes are built to the unique specifications of the wearer and can be decorated with your name or a logo on the heel. They come with a two-year limited waterproof warranty and are available in a range of different designs.




Of course, how well your golf shoes last depends very much on how well you look after them. Always remember to keep your golf shoes clean and dry. It is a important to clean and dry them after every round and, ideally, have them professionally cleaned after 6-10 rounds. Always keep a check on the spikes to replace any deteriorating or missing ones. This will ensure your shoes stay comfortable on your feet, for longer and stops the sole of your shoes coming into contact with the ground and starting to wear.


When taken care of correctly, golf shoes can not only be comfortable, waterproof and durable, but they can also last a long time.


Images by FootJoy, fresh, Adidas

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Gina Collier January 23, 2012

As a ladies disabled golfer with the Disabled Golf Society in the UK, my feet are very comfortable in Footjoy shoes, they just seem to have a softness and cushion feel that is right for me. Styles could be a little more up to date and in the summer some bright colours. After Footjoy, I’m an Adidas girl.


Tommy Priest January 24, 2012

Mine too! Very comfortable and the leather is supple. I agree.
Which model do you use?


Christoph January 29, 2012

I use a narrow golf shoes since I want to wear something that is snugly yet comfortable wearing.


Tommy Priest January 30, 2012

To me, comfort and support are the main issues. But the shoe shouldn’t look too orthopaedic either!


... February 8, 2012

I use a narrow golf shoes since I want to wear something that is comfortable.


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Tommy Priest February 19, 2012

Depends on your feet – wear what’s most comfortable for you.


Adidas trainers March 24, 2012

Hi, You have put up perfect golf shoes collection according to budget, style and demand.


Tommy Priest April 13, 2012

Thank you.