The Driver that’s not in the bag: Three Golf stars and their customised cars

If there is one thing that many golfers love more than stepping out onto the first tee to contest the latest golfing prize, it can be in admiring the fruits of their labours and few things give us a glimpse into the psyche of a golfer more than in the type of car he chooses to buy.

In this fun article, we take a look at some of the cars that golf’s great and good have decided is the right car for their image. There’s some beautiful machines in there, a few surprising choices and perhaps one or two that certainly require a similar taste to that of the golfer in question!


1. Rickie Fowler – Porsche GT3 RS – Customised


It’s gunmetal grey, complete with his trademark Oklahoma State University Orange highlights, Rickie Fowler’s customised Porsche GT3 RS has usurped his Nissan GTR as his favourite drive.

Like Fowler himself, this orange and grey livery will certainly get him noticed. The GTS R3 does 0-60 in just under four seconds and has a top speed of 193 mph.


2. Ian Poulter’s Ferrari FF – customised

When Italian sportscar giants Ferrari wanted a car for the US market specifically, they dreamt up the FF. Ian Poulter liked it so much, he ordered himself one and customised the vehicle in his own inimitable style.



While the exterior looks largely inoffensive and rather un-Ferrari like (ugh – that backend gives it the look of a 1986 Honda Civic) it is inside where Poulter has worked his charm, including a grey, red and black finish incorporating tartan into the roofliner and seats.



Brigadoon anybody?

Poulter is certainly something of a petrol head and has owned at one time or another a Rolls Royce, Ford GT, A Mercedes, Jaguar XFR and several sports cars, which he regularly tweets pictures of to his followers.


3. Bubba Watson and his General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard


With a name like Bubba, you know he’s going to be a ‘good ole boy’ so it is perhaps unsurprising when the original General Lee, automotive star of the popular TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, became available, Bubba paid out $110,000 to snap up the car that’s had more drastic surgery and face lifts than the cast of Dallas. Still, when you’ve just won The Masters, who says you can’t treat yourself!

In 2010 Bubba also bought a Mercedes G-Wagon and sent it to Las Vegas customisation shop Notorious Motoring, who finished the car in this striking looking combination of green and matt black.

Not satisfied with that, Bubba then decided his new Mercedes AMG SL65 needed the Notorious treatment and this time, he had it finished off in the same shocking pink that adorns his famous driver.


Honorable mentions…

Go to Paul Azinger and his huge Mercedes van which he has “tricked out” to include in-motion satellite, direct tv, CB radio and wireless headsets. Stuart Appleby who’s car of choice is a striking yellow Lamborghini and Darren Clarke who once owned a fleet of seven supercars that included three Ferrari’s. Tiger Woods’ is best remembered for his Cadillac Escalade and what did (or didn’t happen) when he drove it into hedges a tree and fire hydrant outside his Florida home.


All Photographs taken from Bubba Watson, Ian Poulter & Rickie Fowler’s Twitter Feeds.



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Discount Golf Products November 1, 2012

Awesome toys. The Ford Cobra is my favorite. Did you see that Bubba Watson owns a General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard?


Tommy Priest November 14, 2012

No surprise there!


Marta May 20, 2019

And that is an investment danger price taking.