Teach Your Children How To Golf While They Are Young

It is important for kids to know the sport of golf. Thanks to Dad, I have holding a golf club since I could stand. Throughout the years, again thanks to the patience of my father, the sport has earned my deepest respect as have the people who play it.

What you’ll read here is from the direct experience of a kid who learned the sport young and grew up in a neighborhood where not many kids could have the same advantage. Enjoy!

1. GOLF will keep kids active and outdoors.

Active kids are happier and healthier. The more that we can encourage our kids to have an outside activity, the better. Kids who know how to golf will always be busy on sunny days, whether they make it to the links or just practice their swing in the back yard or a park. Training equipment such as what can be found on Amazon can help children (and adults) grasp the concept of golf. Finished are those blue-sky days spent indoors, playing video games or watching T.V.

2. GOLF teaches patience.

Every golfer knows how much patience it takes to learn the sport. Golf will teach your kids not only be patient with themselves, but with others around them. Patience can take a long time for kids of any age to learn, so teaching them through a sport can be a very valuable route to take.

3. GOLF will teach them discipline.

The sport of golf requires discipline. Discipline to learn the sport, to get better, and to play the game correctly. Let’s face it, when we all started to learn how to golf we were terrible. But then there are prodigies…Please take the time to watch the video below – you won’t regret it… . The rest of us struggled but we had a determination to get better. That’s where discipline came in. Because you can never be too good at golf, we discipline ourselves to get better every time we go out to the course. And another thing, we have to discipline ourselves to play the game fairly. If you cheat on your stroke count, you are only cheating yourself. Golf instills fair-play and honesty in our children those are qualities which will serve them all their lives.

4. GOLF encourages family interaction.

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood were when my whole family would go out and play golf together. My Dad would always critique my swing and my mom would always tell him to zip it. Still to this day, I always enjoy going golfing with my family. My dad was taking classes on an online university, so during my summer breaks from college we would be able to go out at least five times a week. Throughout the years, a healthy father/daughter competition grew and bragging rights became more and more fun. When your kids get good enough to play 9 holes, create small competitions so they have something to challenge themselves for.

5. The skills they learn now will stay with them all their lives.

All of these skills; the art of golf, patience, self discipline and community, will stay with them for forever. Children can play in kid’s leagues, high school, college, and who knows, and they could even make a profession out of it. The earlier you start teaching your kids, the more they will appreciate it as adults.

And by the way, if you don’t play golf yourselves, most golf clubs and courses have juniors programs which enable kids to participate at reasonable fees.

Do your kids play golf?

This post is submitted by our guest author Lisa Darning.

Image by AForestFrolic.
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The simple golf swing January 17, 2011

my kids are golfers too and I think it is a great sport for them.In my opinion is it very important to let them do what they like to do. And this kind of sport is what they both like.
Thanks for this great article.


Terry Crick, PGA Teaching Professoal January 19, 2011

This is a terrific post that really lays out the importance of golf in a young child’s life. I bless my parents everyday for introducing me to this wonderful game. This summer I was asked by some parents, “how young is too young to start your child with golf?” This is a good addition to your post! http://00de128.netsolhost.com/mypgacoach/?p=220 Thanks again for the great reminder!


Tommy Priest January 20, 2011

Thanks Terry for your comment. Golf is such a great gift!
We’ll take a look at the link you sent.


Tommy Priest January 20, 2011

Hi Mark, We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for your comment.


... January 21, 2011

yes you’re right every parents thinks what is best for their kids.and best gift for them is giving them education and ob course giving them things that will give them happiness.
if they are interested in sports support them.golf is a good sports. as long as they are happy.we would support them,,thanks for sharing your blog.


... January 26, 2011

I really like your post. Will continue reading your blog. 🙂


Jane February 1, 2011

Good one


Rebecca February 5, 2011

Last year my family and i spent an amazing time in Mexico. My husband and my two sons spent the whole days playing in the Mexico Golf resort. It seems quite an entertaining activity for guys!


cheap kinect May 9, 2011

Great article, i think if i took my soon golfing he would love it, and also i think he would learn real quick.


Tommy Priest May 12, 2011

To teach your son golf would be a great gift. The younger, the better – while they can play and swing with abandon.
Keep us posted!


lose hip fat May 13, 2011

Hi am a golfer my self i love the sport, hopefully when my kids are old enough they’ll want me to teach them.


Sean Mysel February 8, 2012

Awesome post! We’re trying to get more kids involved in golf by making cartoons. Check it out (www.crossgolfpros.com), would love to work together to grow the game.


Tommy Priest February 19, 2012

Sounds interesting – please contact us at info@gorillagolfblog.com


DaddyCaddy.net May 2, 2012

Couldn’t agree more! Our 10 year old son has been playing since three. We’ve had some great moments, memories, and met some wonderful people. There’s a little fraternity of dads who caddy out there … it’s not easy! I started a blog too for the daddy caddies: http://daddycaddy.net or http://blog.childgolfer.com . DaddyCaddy.net is to help the parents with the nitty gritty of competitive golf for child golfers ten and younger. I can tell you after more than 100 tournaments, you are absolutely right in all you say. Thanks.


Tommy Priest May 3, 2012

Thank you for your comments. The first time I ever played on a golf course was with my dad when I was 11. I remember it like it was yesterday.


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