Patience and Determination - How to Break 80 in Golf (Part 3)

Mens sana in corpore sano. Like every other sport, the body will produce the output for this game from the input that the brain has given it. But be good to your body – give it a chance to do what doesn’t come naturally to most of us. To break 80 in golf this is especially true. With patience and determination, good mental attitude and some physical fitness, your golf score will approach that elusive 80 sooner than you think. Take a deep breath, think about one thing which you know you can do (putting a ball six inches in the cup?) and then try to use that part of your mind which relaxes you.

Let’s get going:

Practice in Golf

Practice is important in golf. But not just hitting three buckets of golf balls. Remember – we’re only going to be taking 80 golf shots in a game from now on. And about half of those will be putts! It’s a well known concept in physical training that if you want to build strength instead of muscle – many repetitions with less weight is the best way. The analogy is less practice shots – but more often.


We propose no more than 40-50 practice balls per session – equally varying the golf clubs you use. Then relax, do something else. Then repeat this later in the day. No more than two or three times per day. Judge how well each golf shot has been made after taking it. You do not want to reinforce bad shots. Self-learn videos or read books about how to break 80 in golf, but remember practice should remain on the top priority.

Short Game in Golf

Read Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible. This former physicist maps out the way to a successful short game in golf. The short game plus putting is 75-80% of the game. But still we want to drive like a pro. It is true that good drive raises confidence – but the smart money worries about golf shots within 100 meters to the green.

Golf Equipment

People swear that golf club fitting is essential. The best equipment for you would be that with which you are comfortable. There is no doubt that modern golf clubs and balls help – but if your shot slices or hooks – no equipment in the world is going to help long-term. Golf course management is much more important.


Enjoy Golf!

Golf is supposed to be fun. Sure, be serious about your game, but you have to enjoy it as well. Getting agitated after hitting a poor golf shot will ensure that your round will fail. Relax and realize how lucky you are to be in a beautiful place. Read books by great golf coaches, watch videos of golf professionals with smooth swings, go out to the range and hit a few balls. You will be breaking 80 before long. Patience along with determination will make it a reality sooner than you think.

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Gabe brooks September 22, 2013

Shaved 8 strokes off my game with George’s putting grip on You Tube, it’s amazing, works the first time you try it!!

1 May 20, 2019

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