Love golf?! You’ve got to play these golf-themed slots!

Counted amongst the most popular games in the history of competitive sports, golf exudes class and prosperity. Ask any golfer anywhere in the world and of course, us at Gorilla Golf, and he/she’ll tell you about things that make it the best sport in the world. The fact that it has been incorporated in many online slot games shouldn’t come as surprise as there’s a huge market for golf-themed products. If you play video slots at Royal Vegas casino you may already be aware of such golf-themed slots. Regardless, let’s take you some of the top titles in this category.

Golden Tour

A golf-themed slot game from Playtech, this one is very simple to play. It’s simple artwork and graphical interface are the things you’ll notice immediately as soon as you fire it up for the first time. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you. There’s plenty of winning potential and gameplay in it. A major distinguishable and notable feature of this game is that it has a progressive jackpot, which creates the possibility of astronomical wins! Considering its progressive jackpot, attractive bonuses and healthy pay-out percentages, the fact that the graphics aren’t up to date doesn’t matter much. It’s a very well-paced game whose rapidly-spinning reels constantly keep the players on the edge of their seats!

The Argyle Open

This one’s a golf-themed online slot game from Microgaming. It’s named after a famous place in Scotland well-known for its golfing culture. As is expected from any Microgaming product, it has pretty rich graphics apart from a fairly wide betting range, making it appealing for all levels of slots players.

It pretty much comprises of everything that is expected from a modern-day online slot game. You have free spins and jackpots, triggered through wilds, scatter symbols and more. The gameplay is very simple – all you’re expected to do is decide the bet amount per spin and then put the reels in motion!

Love golf You’ve got to play these golf-themed slots

Lucky Shot

Another interesting online slot machine from the Microgaming’s stable, this one is absolutely fantastic to say the least! The animations and symbols are plenty of fun, and the accompanying music is excellent too. The entire atmosphere of the game is made out to be fun and exciting, quite unlike the other conventional golf themed online slots that you see these days. On the whole, it effectively captures the ambience and feel of golf.

You get couple of interesting play modes, for instance automatic and expert, with the betting options broad enough to keep every level of player happy. There’s a pretty nice pay-out potential in the Gopher bonus.

All in all, Lucky Shot is an online slot game that has everything one could expect from a new-age slot game, barring the fact that it doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. It’s scatter symbols, wilds, bonus rounds and jackpots have turned it into a favourite of golf enthusiasts everywhere.

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