Lee Westwood and His Equipment – 17 Years On Tour

Lee Westwood turned pro at the back end of 1993. During this time, golf equipment has changed extensively and whilst Westwood has hardly “chopped and changed”, he hasn’t been slow to adopt new technologies. So we thought we’d have a look at some of the clubs that Westwood has had in his bag on his ascent to world number 1.

1994 – Ping Zing 2 Irons

Westwood started his career with his trusty Ping Zing 2 irons….. and kept them in the bag for the first twelve years of his career! At the time, the Zing 2s were pioneering pieces of equipment, featuring a large back cavity, extreme perimeter weighting and a high moment of inertia. Despite being better suited to amateur golfers, Westwood preferred the clubs’ forgiving features over the traditional bladed irons used by his fellow professionals

Ping ZIng 2 Irons

1999 – Ping Anser Putter

By 1999, Westwood had already climbed to number 8 in the world, using his trusty Ping Anser putter. Setting the benchmark for conventional putter design, the Anser has become the most influential and successful putter in golf – over 500 professional victories have now been achieved using the club.

2003 – TaylorMade R510 TP Driver

2001 and 2002 saw Westwood undergo a downturn in form, but his switch to the TaylorMade 510 driver in 2003 saw him return to winning ways. TaylorMade were at the forefront of driver research and development – the 500 series drivers combined three innovative and proprietary new technologies with a thin and flexible clubface. Westwood’s R510 had one of the smaller heads in the TaylorMade range, allowing him to shape the ball easily but without losing much distance. His drives were long and straight all year, ranking 10th in accuracy and 31st in distance, resulting in three tournament wins.

2007 – Ping i10 Irons

Westwood put the Ping i10 irons into his bag during the summer of 2007 and they’re still there! Designed to be a forgiving cavity-backed club with the workability of a blade, the i10 irons provided Lee with the consistency that he was after. Featuring a compact head, reduced offset and thin top line, the i10s are still very popular with golfers of all abilities.

Ping i10 Irons

2010 – Ping G10 Driver

Even though Westwood tested the latest G15 driver over the winter of 2009/10, he used the older Ping G10 during his rise to the top of world golf – the large 460cc head, the taller face and thinner crown enabled him to maintain a combination of length and accuracy off the tee. In 2010 his driving stats were even better than in 2003 – 11th in accuracy and 25th in distance was a better combination than any other player.

Ping G10 Driver

Westwood’s 18 years on tour have seen him make some unusual equipment choices in comparison to other pros – he chooses clubs supposedly suited as much to amateurs as they are to professionals. So if players like Westwood are looking for similar club features and are using the exact clubs that we do – then maybe there’s still hope ….

This guest post was written by Alex Whittet from Equipio

Images form Ping via Equipio
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Froese March 15, 2011

I believe there is hope the ping g10 sure improved my game.


Tommy Priest April 1, 2011

Great! Thanks for the tip.


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