The 2010 Season is Almost Over – Is Tiger Out of the woods?

Tiger begins a new chapter after failing to advance to the Tour Championship

It’s been a whirlwind year for Tiger Woods and not of the good kind. We’re not going to eat out of the same trough as the gossip rags delve into his personal life or whether he is a good or bad guy…that’s for the entertainment networks and others.

What the Gorilla Golf wants to know is “when is the real Tiger, the dominant golfer, going to reappear?” With everything swirling around him this past year it’s probably been a little difficult for him – and the public – to focus on his game. And to fill in the void, the young phenoms like Dustin Johnson, Paul Casey, and Rory McIlroy tear up the golf course. But the public wants to see Woods back on his game where everyone else needs to be at their very best – and more – in order to win.

Tiger finished in 42nd place in the Fedex Cup Playoff points list making him ineligible to play in the Tour Championship. This is the first time he has been ineligible to play in the Tour Championship since turning pro. It also may be the first year that he hasn’t won a PGA golf tournament. He has one more chance at the November HSBC Champions golf tournament in Shanghai, China to keep his win streak alive and catch Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer at a record 17 seasons.

The Downfall

While everyone else believes that Tiger’s fall from Golf God to mere mortal began when the news of his affairs hit the airwaves, the we believe it started much sooner than that.

Woods’ downward spiral began when he ignored his doctor’s advice and played in the 2008 U.S. Open. Even though it was a memorable and awe-inspiring performance, it caused some serious damage to his knee and leg causing a long layoff of rehabilitation.

This caused him to have something he hadn’t had for most of his life…free time. Time to reflect on his life so far. To reflect on being a billionaire with a wife and two kids and coming to terms with his father’s death. He likely never had the opportunity to do that during his 30 or so years of solely focusing on golf. It has an affect. Ask any non-golfing spouse…

Swing Coach or Sports Psychologist?

So, what does Woods do now? Well for one, he needs to find himself a swing coach since he parted ways with Hank Haney back in May. It’s been rumoured that Canadian Sean Foley is being considered for the role.

More importantly, he needs to get his mind back on the game. Tiger needs to work with a sports psychologist to get his confidence back. Meeting failure on such a large scale when you haven’t experienced much in your life takes a big toll on the psyche. Media attention was a situation beyond his control. Tiger’s has always been in full control up until now.

That’s where the real work needs to be done – in his head. Everyone is watching and based on Tiger’s history, he will come out of the Woods, bruised but not defeated!

Tell us what you think about Tiger’s comeback!

Image via Keith Allison
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