iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Golf Apps to Download this Christmas

So, you’ve got your new smartphone, the new golf driver is in the bag and you are itching to put both to use out on the course. If you are thinking of teeing the ball up with a new club in hand a new golf app at the ready, which are the best buys this Christmas? Listed below are the top three golf apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.


1. DroidCaddie Golf (£5.29)

All you need for the perfect round of golf rolled into one handy package. Whether you need GPS capabilities for accurate distances, analysis of your rounds, a scorecard tracker and the ability to export the data to a variety of different devices, DroidCaddie is a great choice for Android. Currently 4,000 courses are available, featuring 1,000 in the UK.

Golf apps for android, iphone, blackberry

2. ScoreCaddie (£2.57)

If you want an app that can simply keep your score on a round, store it and analyse it compared with past rounds, work out your current handicap and that has information on over 14,000 golf courses worldwide, ScoreCaddie is the perfect choice this Christmas.

3. Mobitee (£17.90)

If you have a little extra money to spend and want an app that combines the best of DroidCaddie and ScoreCaddie into one all-powerful app then Mobitee is an excellent choice. It isn’t cheap, but its one of the best scorecard keepers, distance calculators, coaches and rangefinders on the market. The GPS accuracy is excellent and the mapping is particularly vivid and clear.



1. YouCaddy Golf GPS Lite ($19.99)

Your own virtual caddy is now available to you via the power of your BlackBerry device. Using the phone’s GPS technology, YouCaddy Golf serves as a scorecard and rangefinder all in one, offering a wide variety of options for the golfer at a fraction of the cost of a real life caddy, even though it has less of a sense of humour.

2. Let’s Golf 2 HD ($6.99)

If you can’t get out on the course then use your BlackBerry for the next best thing, fire up Let’s Golf 2 HD and hit the virtual fairways. The game does not purport to be a hugely accurate simulation of the game but is all the better for it with friendly, cartoon graphics and enjoyable game play meaning you will be teeing up for more.

3. THE Golf App ($2.99)

If you want golf instruction, tips and advice quickly to hand then THE golf app is the perfect choice. It has a range of pictures and videos covering all kinds of golf shots, as well as detailed information about warming up and practice routines. With tips on how to improve all aspects of your game, this is a handy treasure-trove of golfing information.



1. Golfshot: Golf GPS (£20.99)

This is £20 more than the cheaper version, but for the aerial views of holes it offers, it is money well spent. Its tracking of your stats, breaking down your performance into a number of easy to follow graphs and charts make it well worth the money. Its GPS is also very accurate and offers an automatic course handicap calculator.

2. ViewTi Golf (£20.99)

ViewTi may not offer the same breadth of stats as Golfshot, but where it does stand out is in terms of the sheer number of courses it has information on. 30,000+ courses from 30 countries are downloadable and the app is also a very competent rangefinder. If you play lots of courses and are not fussed by glamorous presentation, ViewTi Golf is a wise choice.


3.Rules of Golf (Free)

The official R&A Rules of Golf app is an absolute must have for iPhone golfers. Having the official rule book of golf to hand for any possible problems out on course is a real godsend. No more heated debates in the club house afterwards whether a certain shot was within the rules or not, all the answers are at hand at the click of a button and completely free of charge too.

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