Gadgets galore – The technology taking the golfing world by storm in 2013

With the 2013 International CES gadget show taking place in Las Vegas this week, all eyes will be focusing on the future technology which could be influencing every part of our lives, from gadgets to improving the home, to the latest toys to in sport.

Since the Consumer Electronics Association show is in full swing, I’ve taken the liability of tracking down the latest golfing gadgets already available and set to take the golfing world by storm this year.

From GPS mapping to the next generation of golf caddy’s this year is predict to see a big change in the way amateur golfers use technology within the game. I’ll be looking at the top widgets and gizmos which can improve your game and make a day one the fairway even more enjoyable.

The top golfing gadgets for 2013

Golfing Gadgets 3013

Indoor golf practice aids

These have been around for a while and have provided endless entertainment while away from the green. However in the past year the indoor practice arena has seen a major upgrade to create a truly stunning simulator experience.

Let’s face it every golfer would want the ultimate indoor practice aid, whether your an avid golfing addict or Tiger Woods, these are the next best thing to actually going out and playing a round. Today’s variety of indoor practice ranges immerses players in a virtual golf course, no more simple nets!

Using a special range of clubs and the latest simulator technology, the latest indoor golf aids offer unprecedented accuracy. However the system comes at a hefty price with the most advance models fetching over £20,000.

Next Gen Golf Carts

Really, a tech savvy golf caddy? Yep, the next-generation in golf cart technology has already reached the former Ryder Cup venue, Celtic Manor.

Each of their twenty carts have been fitted with a touch screen along with the GPS tag and are designed to help improve pace of play, while recreating the experience of the 2010 Ryder Cup for their members.

The screens provide golf players with regular news and updates throughout the day from the resort’s clubhouse including no-go zones when bad weather strikes.

Snooper Golf GPS and Range finder

GPS & rangefinders

A regular scenario every golfer is dealt with is sense of doubt you feel when calculating the distance to the green. Suddenly even the yard posts don’t seem so reliable. Will you even reach the green with your trusty 6-iron? If only you had the help you needed right there with you.

The answer is you do and it comes in the form of GPS and rangefinder gizmos which are increasingly becoming the most sort after gadget to have on the course. GPS devices such as Snoopers Shotsaver range are packed with features and information to help you not only calculate the distance to each whole from where you’re standing, but improve your overall game.

Best of all there are thousands of maps to choose from so amateurs playing in their favourite course in the middle of the countryside can enjoy a round of golf with the help of their little pocket device allowing you to view 3D hole options, weather reports, distance records and game scores. It’s like having your very own private caddy in your pocket for an affordable price.

All of these devices are currently available for you to enjoy right away, however I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us with new gadgets for the green.

About the author: Snooper specialise in creating the latest Golf GPS and tracking devices on the market including a wide variety of Shotsaver GPS and rangefinder devices.

Snooper golf GPS

Images by Gorilla Golf Blog and Snooper Golf GPS

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Scott Messner February 2, 2013

I’m excited about the explosion of low cost swing analyzes. It has never been easier to analyze your swing.


Tommy Priest February 2, 2013

You’re right. But nothing can replace a really good professional.


Dustin February 9, 2013

I tend to agree with Tommy, There is no gadget that can replace a great teaching pro. Although, for some of us who may not have the time or money to hire a professional to analyze our swings. The technological advancements and as Scott says “low cost swing analysis” that we have at our finger tips today. Is extremely helpful and Having that instant VISUAL feed back has helped me tremendously in improving my swing.


Tommy Priest February 25, 2013

Great – I find indoor Swing Simulators very handy. We’re going to do an article soon.