A frozen golf ball is usually not a great deal of fun for the unaware golfer. Setting it down on the first tee of the day, striking the ball is akin to thumping a heavy ball bearing as the shudder reverberates through the club into your arms. Your clubs won’t enjoy the experience and neither will you.

Unless the frozen balls you are talking about are these outstanding prints from American fine artist, Bob Orsillo.

While these images look fantastic and almost ethereal in their appearance, Bob’s genius was to harness the simplicity of ice to give his pictures this distinctive look.

As part of his “Abstract Ice” series, which features a number of everyday objects frozen in ice and photographed by Bob using his artistic eye, for four pictures Bob uses a simple orange golf ball which as the title of the collection suggests, was then frozen in ice.

By clever use of lighting and colour and using his impeccable eye for the right shot, Bob then captured four images of the golf ball and the ice, three of which are shown here.

What is particularly striking is how alien the objects look. Indeed, it is doubtful whether any golfer would have realised that the orange object that seems to be spouting forth bubbles, is indeed a humble golf ball.

Bob has also used other everyday items, such as a watch in his nifty piece “Frozen Time”, as part of this eye-catching collection.

This is a great new approach to the marriage of golf and art. For too long, those artistic golf lovers have had little choice when it came to golf art. Scenic landscapes, action shots of the greats in action, or perhaps an atmospheric twilight shot of some of the world’s top courses are all very common forms of golf art.

However Bob’s work, along with that of other artists is leading golf art into exciting new directions, chiefly into the world of abstract art and this is something that is giving golf art a whole new niche market to explore.

The real genius behind these shots are that although the picture looks fizzing with energy and action and that it must have taken a great deal of time to set up, in truth, it is just the simply marrying of a golf ball and ice, plus Bob’s trained photographers eye, that have captured the intricate detail of the frozen ball.

So if you are looking for a piece of art for your club house, or even for your own space at home, why not think a little more creatively? Abstract golf art is certainly eye catching and intriguing and seemingly here to stay.

Bob’s fantastic images are available for sale on a number of different mediums including canvas, cards, metal print and acrylic prints.

All images contained within this article were created and are owned by artist Bob Orsillo.

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