Celebrity Golf Players - A Match Made In Heaven?

The game of golf has seen its fair share of kooky characters, but celebrities take the cake when it comes to making a splash on this green. From charitable acts to quirky and humorous antics, actors (and other celebs) have added glitz and glamour to a sport that leaves something to be desired for fans and spectators alike. It can get real frustrating on the green after all. Trust the characters in tinsel town to up the ante on their own game but have great fun while doing it. Take the following celeb for instance:

Bill Murray

The actor and comedian Bill Murray has seen his fair share of ups and downs in his career, but there’s no stopping him when he hits that green. Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘comedic timing’ Murray livened up this sometimes frustrating sport with his own brand of humor during the annual Pebble Beach National Pro-Am where he took center stage in the 3rd round.

Bill-Murray-Pebble Beach

Now, anyone will tell you that adding celebrities and sports will result more in shenanigans and witty one-liners than actual playing. Murray didn’t disappoint on that score either. According to an article published in sports.yahoo.com, the comedian even poked fun at his group members including former San Francisco 49ers lineman, Harris Barton.

The famous footballer had shown Murray some of his championship rings which he then placed in his caddie bag to which the comedian announced: “For any petty thieves on the golf course now, make a move at the back pocket. Trust me.” However, quirky comebacks are not all; this actor is famous for on the golf course. On Feb 11, 2011 Murray wowed golf and film fans alike when he successfully won the PGA tour with partner and professional golfer, D.A Points.


According to an article published in www.terezowens.com, Points had nothing but good things to say about his celebrity partner saying he never got the ‘short end of the stick’ when he teamed up with him: “He just seemed to have fun and he taught me to go ahead and have a little more fun…It kept me loose and having a good time.” Murray also had good things to say about his professional partner saying that he liked his ‘Lincoln-esque stature’ and how he would be more than happy to play with him again.

Keep an eye on other celebrity golfers that coming up soon in Gorilla Golf Blog!

Images by: Paul Sherwood, Steve Jurvetson

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