Benefits of mobile golf games

Golf players know the best way to improve their game is by practice. A game of precision and skill, there are so many factors that must be considered when hitting the links and many beginners need a helping hand in learning the ropes.

If you finding it hard to get out on the green or do not have enough time to visit the driving range, a golfing app or game may be the best alternative. Similar to players who use iPhone casino games to improve their winning chances at a real casino, golf simulators allow for players to get much needed practice whilst understanding more about driving and putting.


The benefits of mobile golf games are numerous and there are some superb apps such as Golf Game Book that include both off- course and on-course features. These apps offer hours of entertainment and the opportunity to engage in social gaming whilst improving your handicap.


A major benefit of mobile golf is that it is weatherproof. You can enjoy a round or two in any weather and are not limited by time of day or other outdoor factors. Many apps have a wind speed factor that must be considered when taking a shot and this assists in making the game even more realistic as you learn what angles work with wind directions.

Time and convenience

It’s not always possible to make it to the links and with mobile gaming you can enjoy a game anywhere and anytime you desire. You can even work on your putting whilst commuting and several golf simulators require you to use your mobile device as the club to mimic the power of your swing.


Scoring and game style

Golf is often considered a gentleman’s game as it is one of honour; however with mobile gaming your handicap is automatically calculated. This assists you in real life games as you will be aware of how the scoring system works and how to calculate your results. An app will track your game data and offer feedback on how your round was played, pointing out strengths and weakness and guiding you towards problem areas you can then work on.

Overall it’s easy to see that the benefits of golf apps are numerous. Often these games are overlooked but the benefits on offer make them a valuable resource for all levels of golfer.

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