All golfers know that golf is a mentally rousing and physically challenging sport. You continuously use your mind to solve the various mental challenges you face, but you also walk long distances at an increased pace. The health benefits of this sport are numerous: a better heart condition, brain stimulation, weight loss, reduced stress and improved sleep, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, like any other sport, golf can cause injuries or problems for the golfers’ low back and spine; I know plenty of players who complain about back pains. Moreover, those suffering from chronic or recurrent episodes of such discomfort tend to become frustrated because the ache will affect their ability to play.


That’s why it is essential to sleep on a bed that allows proper distribution of your body weight and will keep your spine straight. Sleep specialists tell us that if we wish to enjoy a healthy sleep, there should be no pressure on our neck, shoulders, hips, ankles, and the spine has to be perfectly aligned with the rest of the body.

Only high-quality mattresses address all these requirements. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons for choosing an excellent mattress to help you with your back pain issues – and I’m just going to underline the most important ones:

Size and accessories

Choosing a queen or a king size quality mattress (especially if you don’t sleep alone) is a wise option. You’ll have plenty of space to take your favorite sleeping position and a well-deserved comfort. Also, as I was recently reading reviews on Mattress Matchers and the top brands offer ingenious solutions such as pillow-top mattresses, which include additional padding that covers the top of the mattress, building up an increased layer of comfort.

Firmness and comfort

Experts have concluded that back pain problems require a medium level of firmness from a mattress, but also enough softness to grant exceptional comfort. The unanimous opinion is that high-motion isolation memory foam products are the best choice – mainly, the ones with a three-layered memory foam core, which are highly recommended. Why do they consider good quality memory foam as ideal for ergonomic mattresses, for most sleepers? The answer is simple: it has the right characteristics to provide relief from back pains, and the foam follows the shape of your body, providing full support.

Smart technologies

Innovative mattress features such as Celliant technology or dual functionality, combined with smart apps which control the bed and the bedroom environment, are state-of-the-art traits which differentiate the quality mattresses from the rest. Celliant – a mineral-based fiber enclosed into the mattress cover – converts the extra body heat into infrared energy, relieving muscle pain and improving blood circulation. The dual functionality allows you to set your side of the bed exactly the way you like it (regarding temperature or even firmness), while your partner can choose a distinct configuration. Using smart apps such as Eight Sleep Tracker or MotionX-24/7 will help you analyze your sleep and identify the necessary changes you’ll have to make for a better rest. Apps like Smart Duvet Breeze or Balluga take innovation one step further and help you make all the adjustments you need to enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep, no matter where your back pain is located.

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Forest June 4, 2018

Is it because of lack of exercise?


Golf Storage Ideas July 8, 2018

I like this as you’re thinking outside the box. I never actually thought about how a mattress can improve your golf game, and believe me, I think of everything!

As mattresses are quite expensive this may not be suitable for your average player, but still a great idea if you can afford it.


Sara August 7, 2018

Hi you have a beautiful blog!
I will like to share with you a link that maybe useful for other golfers


Christopher James October 14, 2018

Thanks for sharing! I got a new mattress a few months ago and it changed everything. My constant back pain is gone. I have more rotation in my swing, and I feel better. Definitely an outside the box idea but count me as someone who has lived through it!


蚂蚁乐居 May 16, 2019