Adrian Rubin’s Love for Golf and his Views on New Ben Hogan Co.’s Irons

Adrian Rubin is a renowned name in the real estate business in the US. With outstanding customer services, and creation of great infrastructure, Adrian has developed enduring client relationships in the span of his career. For him, his client’s satisfaction is the main objective, and for that, he keeps himself updated regarding the real estate industry. His vast knowledge and great experiences have gotten him new clients on direct referrals. This has gained him great fame and he couldn’t have chosen a better career path for himself.

Adrian plays golf just like he does his business. He also applies few of the golf etiquettes in his business. When he talks about the real estate of a golf course, it is the biggest land purchase for single operation. He is mesmerized by the sizes of the golf courses, even though his work is more focused on building and improving infrastructure. He takes his infrastructure building inspiration from the golf course and tries to make connection between the two. For him, the interaction between the person and their environment is all it takes in building a master piece, and the game of golf provides just that.

His passion towards playing this game evolved later in life. Whether it’s watching, playing or writing – golfing was one of the outlets that let Adrian relax and at the same time, inspired him with new ideas of infrastructure. On the re-launch of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co.’s iron designs, he sees a revolution in the golfing equipment industry, which will change the way the game is played, and take it to an advanced level.


The first year’s set consisted of irons with artificial blades and had 28 single-degree loft increments from 20 – 47 degrees. However, for this one, they have used heat-treated, oversized shapes, and cast stainless steel alloys which will increase the value of forged construction on shot and feel consistency. This will add the more power to the simple game.

With the longer irons of 20 – 31 degrees, the construction will be hollow with a forged variable thickness face piece and a forged steel body. You will be positioning the 17-gram tungsten toward the toe, whose greater weight will lessen the gravitational centre. That will assist in better lining up of the CG with clubface’s centre.

On the other hand, in the short and mid irons, there is a mixing of forged carbon steel and forged titanium to create consistency across the face. Centre of gravity location is the main feature in both of these designs. These improved instruments will give the player more power and control of the game, and better goal patterns will be created.

Adrian Rubin doesn’t consider this a game to be only for mature individuals and encourages people with an interest towards the game to give it a shot, which may end up inspiring them too, just like it inspires him.

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Richie January 31, 2016

Agree with him! This game is not only for mature individual. And really he is not only a businessman but also have passion for the game. It’s great to read this article.


Nicolas May 11, 2016

Interesting stuff. I can see why he is excited about the Hogan Irons-they look fantastic and those whom I have spoken to and who have had a chance to hit the say they are great.

Hopefully they will keep to a realistic release cycle rather than a new model every couple of months!


Temanjudi May 25, 2016

So great… “TemanBet”


The Devil Corp June 30, 2016

Good post.