Sex on the Golf Course - Updates

I’m sure that some of our avid readers remember the controversial posting about Lana Lawless and LPGA that we published in October. Ms. Lawless was planning to sue the LPGA because she was not allowed to compete due to the fact that she is not a woman by birth. LPGA stated that transgender golfers have an advantage over others because of their strength, endurance and muscle tone. To counter, Ms. Lawless filed a lawsuit against the LPGA on October 12th, 2010.

This story has now taken another turn. A few days ago, Randall Mell reported that the LPGA is preparing to change its “female by birth” requirement to grant membership to transgender golfers. Although such action is a direct response to the lawsuit, Ms. Lawless will continue to pursue damages for interference with her ability to earn a living as a professional golfer.

We’ll keep you updated on this intriguing case!

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Drayson November 24, 2010

Huh?! Doesn’t this ruling open the door for transgenered athletes to come in and play professionally in other male sports. A failed tennis pro could have himself zipped and make a killing in the WTA. Ugh! i just hope the day that happens, shorts become mandatory!