Meet and Greet Apero at Holmes Place Health Club - March 23rd Zurich

The VAGG 2010  Network Series is several events throughout Switzerland to bring together people with an interest in golf and golf-related activities at relaxed and informative activities. Check out all the VAGG events: MyGolf

For the first event of the season, VAGG is pleased to invite you…

to the

Meet and Greet Apero at Holmes Place Health Club Zurich

This event will insure that you are in good shape for your opening round.

Date: Tuesday, 23rd March  Tuesday from 7pm- 8:30pm

The event includes:

an Apero with finger food.

a Personal Trainer who will offer a health check (worth 50 CHF) completely free to our guests

The Personal Trainer will answer your fitness related questions. In addition you receive a tour of the Facility. And finally you will receive a free day pass for you and a friend!

All participants  will be offered a Corporate membership rate if you are interested in joining Holmes Place.

The event will be at:

Holmes Place Health Club Zurich
5th & 6th floor Jelmoli
Steinmühleplatz 1
CH – 8021 Zurich
This event is brought to you courtesy of  Holmes Places Zurich and supported by GorillaGolfBlogEXPATICA CH and Swiss Chief Officer
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Schulthess-klinik Zurich October 30, 2012

There was a good news for us that , free day pass for you and a friend! are allowed.:)


Tommy Priest November 14, 2012


2 May 20, 2019

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