The Gorilla Beats His Chest

They tell me that most golfers don’t want to swing like a “gorilla”. Well, at least not on the golf course. Before I signed up to sponsor this blog, all the other apes told me it would be counter-intuitive for a primate like me to be the mascot for a golf blog. But I guess that’s the point of the primates who decided to put this together.

“There are 674 blogs cramming this space, so if we don’t do something different, our efforts will disappear into the mist”, they pleaded. Now mist I can relate to. So I said, “okay”, arrogantly speaking for my whole sub-species. But not without conditions…read on… is the blog where you will find gung-ho golfers who talk about their sport and lifestyle in an unconventional, but compelling way. Sure there will be club comparisons, exposés on the most comfortable shoes, and tips on how to lower your handicap by 5 strokes. But also about a pub crawl in St Andrews, our accidental Guru who is not shy about how the game can be improved, an expedition to the Amazon to search for the original rubber used in golf balls and a first hand experience with a woman well known to V.J. Singh. And you will also experience some inspirational stories of great golfers.

I had a sneak preview of upcoming posts and they look good.

Follow “Birdieman” Paul to Distant Greens and his take on exotic golfing experiences.

“GG Guru” – a legendary (and opinionated) golfer and who insists to be referred to only as “GG Guru” debates improvements for our beloved sport.

“Jo Triceps” –assistant director of a renowned Swiss golf club writes of the latest trends in golf management, practices and equipment.

“Sookie” – a well-informed woman of fashion will let us in on how fill up your closet with the funkiest gear, on the course and off.

“Il Professore”, Dr. Luciano Roccia, GorillaGolfBlog’s health expert will maximize your performance by helping you care for your most important machine. (Bananas…just keep eating bananas – right Professore?)

And “Beachcomber” Tommy Priest will keep it all together as editor.

I told these know-it-alls that to make GorillaGolfBlog more interesting, we have to recruit YOU. The only way this blog will be interesting is to hear about your experiences and ideas. I was told blogs are organic – you might say, evolutionary. I know a little about that, too.

The BIG news: I need a name – and is holding a contest.
First step: Submit names. Second step: As names are submitted, they will be put up for a vote. Third step: The person who submitted the name that gets the most votes will win a really great prize.
All contest details will be posted soon. Watch GorillaGolfBlog for details.

Write me with your ideas and compliments – I mean, uhh.. comments…. They gave me a temporary e-mail address: until I get a name.

You tell me; I tell them. For some reason, they seem to do what I tell them to do.

Happy New Year!

Your friend,

The Gorilla

© Image copyright MyGolf 2010
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