Golf Event in Geneva: Claudio Alessi and Pierre Massard join forces

Claudio Alessi, Karate World Champion, and Sacha Decosterd, Karate World Cup Champion, along with ten other of Claudio’s Karate acolytes joined forces with our close friend and playing partner, Pierre Massard – well-known “HandiGolfer”, on the 21st of December 2012 on the banks of Lake Geneva, Switzerland to bring attention to  Save the Planet Day.


 Team Kysoshin of Geneva with Pierre Massard

Claudio’s and his team from the Swiss Kyoshin Karate of Geneva, spent 24 straight hours without sleep demonstrating their exercise routine every hour, from 23:57 on Thursday evening until 00:03 the following day, ushering in the winter solstice to bring attention to the fact that a band of  hale and hearty athletes care enough about the planet to spend a cold, damp day showing their concern and solidarity.

Claudio Alessi, a sincerely modest man told GGB, “my pleasure comes not from being a champion but from producing world-class champions”, such as Sacha Decosterd, captain of the club and an enthusiastic participant at the event. Claudio Alessi, whose day job is as an event organizer in the Geneva region of Switzerland, is also an advocate of creating access and opportunity for those with physical and mental conditions, many who would have never had the chance to practice karate.

Claudio told us, “Our karate academy refuses to charge any fees to the 150 students who have reduced mobility or mental acuity in order to learn and practice this ancient martial art. It is a wonderful activity for the mind and body” (We add that GorillaGolf supports the same ideals to make golf and golf courses accessible to all, without exception.).

Claudio had the idea to invite Pierre Massard, former judo champion and low-handicap golfer who was paralyzed from the waist down 8 years ago ,to demonstrate his golfing skills from his Otto Bock Paragolfer vehicle, for then entire day on Friday. Claudio recognized that golf, much like karate is excellent for concentration and physical skill building.

MyGolf Thomas Rosenfield-and-pierre-massard

Claudio Alessi, Pierre Massard, and MyGolf’s Tom Rosenfield

To get things organized, Pierre asked the MyGolf SA (parent of GorillaGolfBlog) team to join him. As this was the day to Save the Planet, what better way than to ask MyGolf Partner, Dixon Golf of Switzerland to join forces with us. Dixon is a the first manufacturer of high-performance eco-friendly golf balls.

Daniel Carugati, President of Roberto S.A., head of Dixon Golf Switzerland, was present during the day and commented, “Dixon golfballs, Earth, Wind and Fire, competitive with the best known balls on the market, maintain high-performance  yet we use no heavy metals in the production of the balls.
He continued, “this means that they are benign to the environment and as they degrade over time, they are inert, like many naturally occurring objects. Demanding golfers can now use balls which are environmentally friendly while maintaining touch and distance.

Pierre powerfully hit about 70 balls over the course of the day toward the iconic “Jet d’Eau” fountain, a few hundred meters into the lake.


 Pierre and the Jet d’Eau fountain of  Geneva

Amazed onlookers were treated to the impressive routines of the karate students as well as talents of  Pierre Massard as he practiced his driving.

You can meet Pierre Massard and Dixon representative, David Vammacigno at many of MyGolf’s events during 2013. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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