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When we challenge ourselves at golf, we often think about improving our scores, hitting the ball further and more accurately, sinking more putts. Well now there’s a different challenge available and it is one you could be a part of and in doing so, help the lives of millions of cancer sufferers that much easier.

It is called the Longest Day Golf Challenge and in 2014, golfers who participated in the challenge raised £740,000 for the MacMillan Cancer Support charity who run the event.

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However, unlike the famous Ice Bucket of Water challenge, this is a challenge of both your golfing skill and stamina.

What is the Longest Day Golf Challenge?

Slated to take place on the longest day of the year (21st June), although players can play at other times if they so wish, the aim is for teams of four golfers to play a total of 72-holes of golf during that day.

There is no entry fee to participate in the event, although you do have to sign up and within 10 days, you’ll receive an information pack and paying in slips for the event. Each team simply has to send in their players top two scores for the four rounds, complete with their fundraising information to MacMillan on the completion of the rounds.

Player handicaps are not required, though if your team qualifies for the final, you will need an official handicap before the finals are played.

If your team qualifies for the final, then you will take part in a special event at the Boavista Golf Resort in Portgual to decide the overall winners.

You can play your four rounds over the same course if you prefer, or over four different courses. The choice about how you decide to complete the four rounds is yours. The only stipulation being that they must be completed over the full 72 holes on the same day.

The aim of the challenge is, of course, to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support, who do sterling work in the community with cancer sufferers and their families separately from the support that is available on the NHS.

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What are the physical demands of the Longest Day Golf Challenge?

It is important to note that unlike some fundraisers, which are generally easy to participate in, the Longest Day Golf Challenge is a real test of your endurance. Walking around 72-holes will see you clock up 20+ miles over the course of the day and remember you will either be carrying your clubs, or carting them around with you.

You’ll also be playing between 300 to 400 golf shots over the course of the day and you’ll have a time limit within which to complete the task, which is essentially from first light, until dusk when it becomes too dark to see.

Of course, the longest day of the year is the ideal time to take this challenge as you have the most light, but even so,  on a Sunday (as the 21st is this year) many courses are very, very busy and four to five hour rounds are not uncommon – this means you will likely be up against the clock if you are trying to complete the challenge on a local course, or courses.

Then of course you need to factor in how you are going to eat and drink? Will you have time to stop for a snack at some point, or will you be eating meals out on the course? How will you keep your energy levels topped up? What will you do in the case of inclement, or extremely hot weather?

Golfers considering this challenge should not underestimate the physical exertion required to complete four rounds of golf in a single day, especially when walking the course rather than being sat in a cart driving.  This is a demanding challenge and weather conditions can make it very tough indeed.

However, if you are a golfer that wants to give something back, then it is a very worthwhile charity to support and what better way to do it than by playing the game we love the most?

You can visit the website by clicking on this link for more information about the event and to sign up if you are interested.

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