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Five of the best Winter Golfing Destinations

As the days shorten, nights draw in and frost is an all-too welcome site overnight, often preceding the first snowfall of the year, it is easy for the golfer in more snowy climes to want to throw their clubs into a travel case and head somewhere more favourable for golf.

So if you fancy a bit of winter golfing, where should you head? If your local course is snowbound and you want to find some great winter golf, then why not check out any of the five destinations on our hit list.



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What is Better Than No Golf This Winter? Snow Golf!

As the night’s draw in and the temperatures start to drop, the first taste of winter hangs in the air, reminding golfers that it is the time of the year when only the hardiest can venture out into the course.  Whether it is because of dwindling daylight hours, plummeting temperatures, waterlogged, frozen or snowbound courses, there are many reasons why only the bravest golfers venture out onto the fairways at this time of year.


But does that have to be the case? Do we really need our fairways and greens to be fair and green?

The answer is, no you don’t, especially if you fancy trying your hand at snow golf.



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The new Celtic Manor? Brand new Luxury Golf resort destined for the UK

Here’s something of a scoop for you lucky readers of Gorilla Golf Blog and that is news of a brand new golf development that could be set to become one of Europe’s top golfing hotspots and possibly even a future Ryder Cup venue.


While the details of this somewhat grandiose and ambitious project are still very much at the sketchy stage, Wirral Council, who are currently planning the 2014 British Open, which will be held at the Royal Liverpool links in Hoylake, have quickly realised that the pulling power of golf could be one of the ways to help them bring further investment into the borough.


Located near Liverpool on the ‘other side’ of the Mersey, the Wirral is already blessed with several outstanding courses. Royal Liverpool is on the Open roster, while Wallasey is one of the best ‘second tier’ courses in the UK and has played host to several Open qualifiers.



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Margara Golf Club – A peaceful golfing haven in glorious Northern Italy

Located in the rural heart of northern Italy, close to the cities of Genoa, Milan and Turin lies the verdant 36-hole golfing haven of Margara Golf Club.


Gorilla Golf’s own golfing legend Tommy Priest recently visited the picturesque venue and found himself playing a golfing gem.


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Golfing La Dolca Vita – Exploring some of Italy’s finest golf courses – Part Two

Continuing our look at some of Italy’s finest golf clubs and courses, this second part of two articles examines four more of the country’s finest establishments, all of which have met with Gorilla Golf Guru Tommy Priest’s seal of approval on his trip around the country recently.

In the first article we examined three superb clubs in the north of the country near to Turin, Golf Club Margara, Golf Club Feudo Di Asti and Golf Club I Girasoli as well as the elegant Relais Sant’Uffizio hotel, which not only offers 4* service and accommodation, but is a leading golf package tour organiser in the region.

In this article, we’ll examine the final four courses that Tommy had the privilege to play on his jaunt around the country, starting with the beautiful course at Golf Club La Margherita.



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Golfing La Dolca Vita – Exploring some of Italy’s finest golf courses – Part One

Home of the Molinari Twins, Constantino Rocca and Matteo Manassero, Italy may not be your first thought when it comes to European golfing hotspots, but as those names suggest, it is a country with a fine golfing pedigree and heritage.


This extends beyond producing some of the most talented European players of the last 20 years as the country also boasts some outstanding golfing opportunities for those willing to visit “the boot”.



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How to enjoy a round of golf safely in hot and sunny conditions

You may be looking at the title of this article and thinking that the answer is self-evident; who would not enjoy 18-holes of fabulous golf in glorious weather? That is certainly very true, but to enjoy the game, you do need to factor in the effect of the weather.


Usually in golf, this means making adjustments to our shots for damper conditions on the fairway, or windy conditions in the air above. However, it is just as important to ensure you are prepared for hot and sunny conditions out on a course as without the right preparation, a day’s pleasant golfing in the hot sun can quickly turn into a real test of will and occasionally, even be life threatening.


This is especially the case if you are from climates where warm sunshine is notable by its rarity and where people are less prepared for the effects of hot weather when out in direct sunshine for 4-5 hours.


So, enjoy your golf responsibly in the sun by taking the following tips:




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