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Fancy Buying your Own Golf Course?

The sad news that Torphin Hall Golf Club near Edinburgh, Scotland was forced to call in the Administrators this week after failing to find a buyer, highlights the increasingly worrying times facing many British golf clubs and courses.

With research from KPMG showing that membership has fallen by 20% over recent years, clubs are struggling and owners of private courses are starting to jump ship, with courses now going on the market.


So the question is, how much do you think it would cost to buy your own 18-hole golf course?

Gorilla Golf think you may be in for a surprise.



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Could 2014 be the Greatest Year of Golf Ever?

It’s not often that we can head into a new year thinking that we may be on the verge of a very special year in the golfing world, but 2014 may well be shaping up to be that way.

Seldom has the professional golfing world been in such rude health, with so many genuinely top quality players vying for the top spot in the world rankings.


So could 2014 be arguably the greatest golfing year of the modern era? Possibly so, and here is why:



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Henrik Stenson – The Best Golfer in the World Right Now and Number 1 in 2014?

With a final round 64, Swede Henrik Stenson became the first ever player to win the season-ending finale of the European Tour, the World Tour Championship in Dubai, as well as the lucrative end of season FedEx Cup in the United States.


In doing so, Stenson confirmed himself not just as the top player on both the European and US Tours, but confirmed that over the past six months, no golfer has been able to match his run of blistering form.


Yet at the start of 2012, Stenson was ranked 230th in the world and things looked very different.



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Not-so-Crazy Golf? Championship Adventure Golf‘s new approach to an old favourite

Crazy Golf has been around in many forms for many years. Indeed, there is now a world championship for the game which sees competitors using a putter and a golf ball to work their way around all sorts of manic obstacles in as few shots as possible.

For many years, the sites of windmills, large ducks, helter-skelters, ramps and more always signified a Crazy Golf course. Their appeal for people tended to focus more on the Crazy aspect of the name, rather than the golf. However, that could be set to change.



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Is Tiger ‘cavalier” with the rules?

A storm is brewing in the golfing world and as usual, Tiger Woods is never very far from the centre of the controversy.

In an interview with a golfing magazine based in the United States, the well-known golfing commentator Brandel Chamblee handed Woods a grade ‘F’ for the season accusing the world number one of being “a little cavalier with the rules”.




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The new Celtic Manor? Brand new Luxury Golf resort destined for the UK

Here’s something of a scoop for you lucky readers of Gorilla Golf Blog and that is news of a brand new golf development that could be set to become one of Europe’s top golfing hotspots and possibly even a future Ryder Cup venue.


While the details of this somewhat grandiose and ambitious project are still very much at the sketchy stage, Wirral Council, who are currently planning the 2014 British Open, which will be held at the Royal Liverpool links in Hoylake, have quickly realised that the pulling power of golf could be one of the ways to help them bring further investment into the borough.


Located near Liverpool on the ‘other side’ of the Mersey, the Wirral is already blessed with several outstanding courses. Royal Liverpool is on the Open roster, while Wallasey is one of the best ‘second tier’ courses in the UK and has played host to several Open qualifiers.



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The rarest birdie in golf: Learning a little about the mythical Condor

Most people, certainly all golfers, are fully aware of the different terms used for scoring the game.

We’ve all had our fair share of bogeys, double bogeys and even treble bogey holes and on the positive side, we’ve hit par, a few birdies and perhaps we’ve also been fortunate enough to land an eagle or two.

It is very rare indeed that we see someone hit an Albatross, or double-eagle as it is mathematically inaccurately called, just as Louis Oosthuizen famously did at the Masters in 2012 (below), so these rare events should be celebrated.


But even this incredible three-under-par shot is not the rarest of birds in golf…



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