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MyGolf 3D iPad app

If there is one thing more enjoyable than a round of golf with friends, it is perhaps a round of Crazy Golf with the family. My Golf 3D (free version) brings to life this fun activity in an app for Android and Apple devices.

In this review, we’ll examine some of the positive as well as negative aspects of the game, allied to whether it represents a must-have download, or whether it is one to avoid.


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iPhone and iPad golf apps

Where is the line between where an app is simply an amusing novelty, to where it becomes an actual workable, useful tool for helping improve your golf game?


This is a very valid point nowadays given the sharp increase in the number of golfers who are using apps either out on the course, on the range or even at home to record and analyse many different aspects of their game. Is all this work ultimately fruitless? Are amateur golfers now shooting much lower scores and showing much greater on course knowledge due to them keeping a record of their scores or swing on an iPad?


In the past, most amateur golfers will know that any ‘miracle fix’ for a golfing problem was usually far from that and often just added to the frustration.


So in Gorilla Golf’s never-ending quest to bring you all the latest in the world of apps, were going to look at how someone, (me), has used these apps to successfully improve their golf game and in short, despite downloading and testing many different apps over the last year or more, I’ve found that only THREE types of app, I believe, have had a positive effect on my game.



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MMO Golf
Coming Soon: Your home Golf Course's own app?

As you know, Golf apps come in a variety of different guises, ranging from simple games, to analytical tools aimed at helping an individual golfer improve their game, right down to ‘virtual caddie’ software which not only gives you the distance of each shot, but warns you of hazards and even suggests which club to play.


We’ve looked at some of the best (and worst) apps available in a series of articles late last year and in the main most apps we come across to review tend to fit into one of the already established genres.


Gallus Golf however are changing how we view apps by developing what they term as an “app strategy” for over 200 courses in America.



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App Review: The iPing Putter App

One of golf’s most famous mantra’s is “drive for show, putt for dough”, yet for the average amateur golfer, our time at the range is almost exclusively spent with an iron or wood in our hands.

So if you’ve been using one of the top golf apps that act as a caddy and your data reveals an alarming number of putts being taken each round, what can you do about it?

You probably don’t have much information about your putting other than the number of shots you take and this is where the iPing Putter App comes in.



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Mappt release two apps to “digitise” the UK Golf scene

As we’ve already explored in our articles about some of the best golf apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the marriage between new app technology and the world of golf is sometimes an uneasy one.

While many players, especially those of a younger and more fashion-conscious age, are all too willing to adapt new technology as part of their golfing game, traditionalists can fear that the historic principles of the game are being somewhat eroded by this new technology.



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Golf is changing, although the heritage and traditions of the game remain, how we access the game, improve our skills, evaluate our performance and even measure the distance between our ball and the hole is changing. Leading the way in this technological march are golf apps, those small pieces of software that people can download onto their smartphone or tablet and use to help them with a wide number of different aspects of their game.


For many golfers of a more venerable age, this new and exciting Apple-centric world can seem a little daunting. So if you don’t know whether you need an iPhone or an iPad, and if you are confused if you need WiFi or 3G compatible devices and you would like to know the pros and cons of each in simple, clear English – then this is the article for you.


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Gorilla Golf Game Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

The 26th March was a day circled in the calendar for many fans of computerised golf games as the long-awaited next installment of EA Sports golf franchise is released; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

While we normally take a look at the latest golf apps, this week we are previewing this imminent release and looking at some of the key features of the game, ostensibly for the XBox and PS3 systems, but with an eye to whether it would also make a good purchase for those users who would enjoy playing the game as an app.

So, with just a few days to go before release, is the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 worth buying?


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MMO Golf