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    The World’s Most Expensive Golf Gadgets

    February 10th, 2015

    Money can’t buy you everything so it is said, but it can certainly buy you a shed load of expensive golfing gadgets and equipment.

    So if you are in the fortunate position where money is no object and you want the best of everything for your golf game, let’s look at where you should start.

    World’s most expensive golf clubs


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    Beating Bunker Blindness

    December 12th, 2014

    For the amateur golfer who plays of a high handicap, few prospects in the game of golf offer them more dread than a typical bunker shot.

    Of course, that shot at the first tee, particularly if there is a crowd watching, is always likely to be the biggest nerve jangler of the round – The only exception being unless you have a putt to win your monthly medal.


    But during the course of a typical round nothing makes the heart sink than seeing your tee shot or approach plop into the sandy hell of a greenside bunker.


    Practice golf bunker-shots


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    A non-golfing parent’s guide to what your golf-loving child needs to start playing this Christmas

    December 9th, 2014

    Some people are not into golf. There I said it.

    It’s shocking considering how brilliant it is I know, but there are many people who haven’t got a clue about the game and many of them are parents.


    Speaking as a parent, whose daughter is a huge swimming fan (a sport of which my level of understanding ends at the avoidance of drowning), I therefore empathise with parents who may have a golf-mad child on their hand but be utterly beleaguered about what to buy them this Christmas.

    Christmas golf gifts for 2014


    So as a public service, because we here at Gorilla Golf are just splendid folks, we’re going to give you a list of the golf items you can buy for your child this Christmas.
    For the purposes of this, we are assuming your child is around the ages of 7 to 12, though the list is applicable to children in their teens too.


    There’s two lists: One a list of golfing items your child really must have (which is surprisingly short), and another a list of items that would be useful to have, but which are not necessary to start playing the game.

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    The Three Best Things About Golf in 2014

    November 25th, 2014

    Well it’s been a strange year in golf. Tiger’s claws were well and truly trimmed back and Rory found his roar once again to head back to the top of the rankings and claim two majors, plus a WGC event in the space of a few weeks this summer.


    However at a more local level, the game continues to have positive and negative aspects. In this two part series, we’ll take a look at three positive things that have happened in the world of golf in 2014, and next week we’ll take a look at three that the game could do without.

    But let’s start on a more positive note for a change and look at three big positives in the world of golf this year.


    Ryder CUp 2014


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    Is It Time We Had Kids Tees on The Golf Course?

    November 21st, 2014

    My son has just started secondary school and he’s been playing golf for about a year, although he has dabbled with it before then. He enjoys it, but he’s like me and finds slamming balls at the range a bit of a drag.

    He loves to play out on the local courses and while Pitch and Putt is all well and good, he wants to try out his talents on a real course.




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    Is Footgolf the game of the future?

    November 11th, 2014

    Take the basic elements of golf, but imagine propelling a football into a much larger hole with your foot, rather than a golfball with a club.

    In a nutshell, you have footgolf. A hybrid game which brings golf to a brand new demographic and which utilises a completely different set of skills.



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    If You Are Going To Work on One Thing This Winter – Get To Know How Far You Hit The Ball

    November 4th, 2014

    The nights are drawing in, the weather is turning a little colder and more unpredictable and soon, it will be genuine winter golf time. If you are in part of the world where golf is still possible and your courses aren’t transformed into snowy wastelands, or rain-soaked puddles of mud, then fortunately you can still enjoy some winter golf.


    For many people though, winter golf means a time to hit the range and practise some of the many mistakes that they have noticed throughout the year that seems to be a problem within their golf game.

    However, so many problems out on the course, and I speak from long and painful experience, comes from the simple fact that you don’t really know how far you hit each club, nor the difference in distance between each club.


    Adams Idea Hybrid Irons



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