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    Resurgent Spieth Can Conquer Royal St George’s Next Month

    June 29th, 2021

    There shouldn’t be much debate about golf’s most improved player in 2021. Sure, Hideki Matsuyama blew away some rust to win the Masters, and Phil Mickelson, of course, did something extraordinary by winning the PGA Championship when most thought he was ready for the seniors’ events, but those were one-off performances. No player in golf has had a turnaround quite like Jordan Spieth.

    The Texan has recorded eight Top 10 finishes since February, a run that includes a Valero Open victory and third place in the Masters. He is not quite at the 2015-2017 level of ridiculous dominance, but he is not far off it either. Spieth is most definitely back, and he should be in the hunt for Majors again. The 149th Open (July 15th – 18th) at Royal St George’s should be top of his list. 


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    Making History: Hideki Matsuyama Wins the 2021 Masters, Becoming The First Japanese Man to Win a Golf Major

    April 20th, 2021

    Hideki Matsuyama finished strong at the Augusta National to claim victory at the 2021 Masters. The Japanese golfer won the 2021 Masters ahead of Will Zalatoris for his first major triumph, which must have gotten the golf punters by surprise. Matsuyama shot a final round 73 to finish with a 10 under par score, one shot ahead of the American. He has been bunched together with his competitors before the weather caused an hour-long delay on Saturday. After that, he propelled himself to the lead in the third round with some entertaining golf. 

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    Back Pain Problems after Golfing? Why a Good Mattress Can Help

    April 7th, 2021

    All golfers know that golf is a mentally rousing and physically challenging sport. You continuously use your mind to solve the various mental challenges you face, but you also walk long distances at an increased pace. The health benefits of this sport are numerous: a better heart condition, brain stimulation, weight loss, reduced stress and improved sleep, just to name a few.

    Nevertheless, like any other sport, golf can cause injuries or problems for the golfers’ low back and spine; I know plenty of players who complain about back pains. Moreover, those suffering from chronic or recurrent episodes of such discomfort tend to become frustrated because the ache will affect their ability to play.



    How Technology is Changing the World of Golf

    April 2nd, 2021

    In the last 15 to 20 years technology has had a major impact on just about every sector. In sport we’ve seen the emergence of fabrics that enhance performance, wearable’s that measure fitness levels, video refereeing, and so many other products, systems and applications.

    All these advancements mean that technology has greatly changed the way we play games like tennis, rugby, football and, most especially, golf. While you still have to swing the club, advances in golfing equipment have made the game a lot easier, and far more enjoyable than before. If you have the cash and the ability to do so, stepping up your equipment could play a major role in how far you can actually go in the sport. By employing the use of modern golf equipment, the average golfer can seriously expand their game, while top amateurs can consider moving into the professional ranks.


    Tom Watson Makes History at Masters Par-Three Contest

    March 22nd, 2021

    The par-three contest at the Masters gives the players an opportunity to let their hair down. It has a unique feel to it and caters to the family and friends of the players. Often there will be wives, children, grandchildren, and friends caddying. Caddies are encouraged to hit shots during the contest, which makes for fantastic viewing. It does, however, rule out a player’s eligibility to win the event should their caddie hit a shot.

    This isn’t a problem for most of the players, as winning the par-three contest is believed to be bad luck. No one who has ever won the par-three shootout has gone on to claim a Green Jacket – so making themselves ineligible to win is often one of the goals. There are some who don’t buy into the superstition and give winning a good go, however.

    Tom Watson was one and it is to be expected, at 68 years of age, Watson’s chances of taming Augusta are virtually nil. The eight-time major winner could afford to tempt fate by trying to win the par-three contest as he no longer competes in the main event. Watson bowed out of the Masters in 2016 when he made his final appearance.

    Tom Watson and caddy, Turnberry
    Tom Watson and caddy, Turnberry“(CC BY-ND 2.0)by StartAgain

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    Golf betting mistakes you must avoid at all costs

    February 10th, 2018

    A good number of casual golf bettors follow just four primary golf events per year. You can see them betting aggressively in these events every year. We’re referring to the Ryder Cup and the three majors. Anyone who is not actively involved in golf betting may not be well aware of the factors that must be taken into account before placing any bets on such events.


    The key differences between winter and summer golf

    February 9th, 2018

    For most amateur golfers, dealing with a golf course or local golf tournaments can be a mighty struggle. Holes that have been designed to trip you up combined with those dreaded long par fours can see an amateur’s blood pressure rise and a few 8, 9 or even more written on their cards.

    Courses on their own can be mightily tough to get your head around but then you have to factor in the weather and the simple fact of the matter is, change the weather and you change the golf course.

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