App Review: Flick Golf

There are many different types of golf app on the market and last week we reviewed a very serious app from Nike Golf aimed at helping you develop your game and golfing ability.

This week however, we are turning our attention to fun and while Tiger Woods and EA Sports have the simulation game at the forefront of golf fanatics minds, there is room for a more relaxed, fun type version of the game.

Welcome to the world of golf at your fingertips with Flick Golf!

What is Flick Golf?

Flick Golf is a fast-paced golf game developed by Full Fat which costs 99p to download from the usual app sites. It is available for both iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Android devices. Unlike Golf Game simulations (like EA’s Tiger Woods franchise of games), this is not a direct replica of a game of golf, but instead allows the user to use their fingers to take shots by ‘flicking’ the golf ball, hence the name.

Players score points with each shot they take, with the better shots scoring a higher number of points than poorer shots. Players are also in a race against the clock in order to complete the hole, with points bonuses for completing the hole quickly.

The aim of the developer was to create a golf game that was quick and easy to play and they have certainly achieved that aim.

What are the positive aspects of Flick Golf?

You do get a lot of game for your 99p. Certainly the most appealing aspect of Flick Golf is that you can rattle through the holes at a frantic pace.

Whereas sim games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour can take hours to complete a round, Flick Golf is about fast, frantic action. There’s no selecting clubs here, judging wind, agonising over putts, the gameplay is fast, frantic and above all, fun.

The pointscoring system is based on the quality of your shots, so hitting good shots rewards you with more points. Poorer shots, less points and it is addictive to try and keep beating your best score over any given course.

The game also boasts six different courses which can be played in three different settings meaning that there is longevity and variety in the game to keep players from getting too complacent, or becoming bored with the number of options and alternatives available.

What is Flick Golf missing?

Perhaps one of the main ingredients that is missing from the game is the fact that there is no option to play a tournament against other players. This is a serious omission from the game and does detract from its long term appeal.

Other omissions stem from that, the chance to play match play style games or ‘Major’ type tournaments is another issue.

That said, these are relatively small issues that don’t detract from the addictiveness of the game overall and perhaps are best considered as possible areas for the developer, Full Fat, to consider for future updates or perhaps a sequel?

Rating: 7.5/10

A very enjoyable diversion and a very cheap price. Fast, easy to follow gameplay and certainly a game that keeps you coming back to improve your “flicking” abilities!

Pictures Courtesy of FullFat Website

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Scott Messner March 12, 2013

Flick Golf is a fun game and the graphics are nice. I still prefer Tiger Woods 12 which is the same price.


Tommy Priest March 20, 2013

Thank you for your input – please keep commenting.