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Golf’s dress code may be one of the most controversial aspects of the game. There are those who believe that it upholds etiquette, makes players respect each other and the course more and is in keeping with the history of the game.

There are others that view it as a tired remnant from a bygone era, that has its roots in elitism and has no place in modern society where training shoes can be as expensive and better looking than any fashionable golf shoe.

Indeed, now that many more golf shoes are coming to look like training shoes, is it time this dress code rule was dropped for good?


D.N.A. new golf shoes from-FootJoy

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Golf Quiz 2014 app review

If you have a smartphone or a tablet device, then you will have been inundated over the last couple of years by a number of games where a picture is displayed and you have to guess either what the picture is, or what the link between them is.

Indeed, there are a vast number of these games now, across a wide variety of subject areas and perhaps unsurprisingly, golf has now got its own version.


It’s called Golf Quiz 2014 and we took a look at it on the iPad over the last week.

Let’s see how it checks out:


Golf Quiz 1

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In the first part of this two part series of articles, we looked at how relatively cheap and easy it was to get your child up and running in the game of golf.

We looked at how you can buy a small amount of equipment relatively cheaply and then how the child can start to use this equipment, without costing you a fortune in range balls, course fees and the like.


We left off the last article with the child practicing at the local public course practice area, hitting plenty of balls to gain an elemental degree of control and mastery of the clubs.
Once your child can hit the ball from the tee and off the floor with a relative degree of success (by no means do they need to do it every time), they’ll no doubt be wanting to test their skills on a golf course.




Here’s the next step they can take:

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Get Your Child into Golf This Christmas – Part One

Modern day children spend more time indoors, playing video games than any other generation preceding them.
Of course, while a little fun on the games console is all well and good, there is a real risk of an entire generation turning into couch potatoes living only for the press of a button on their console controller.
Getting kids out into the open air, especially from the formative ages of around 7 and upwards, is vital to a healthy development. Children are naturally inquisitive and enthusiastic and usually willing to try most things.
Golf is a perfect game for most children to try, yet many people are put off because they believe that helping a child get into golf will be extremely expensive initially with major ongoing costs attached to it afterwards.



While you can spend a fortune on your child’s burgeoning golf hobby if you wish, there are much cheaper and cost-effective ways to do it.

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Beating Bunker Blindness

For the amateur golfer who plays of a high handicap, few prospects in the game of golf offer them more dread than a typical bunker shot.

Of course, that shot at the first tee, particularly if there is a crowd watching, is always likely to be the biggest nerve jangler of the round – The only exception being unless you have a putt to win your monthly medal.


But during the course of a typical round nothing makes the heart sink than seeing your tee shot or approach plop into the sandy hell of a greenside bunker.


Practice golf bunker-shots


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Golf Tuition for Kids

Some people are not into golf. There I said it.

It’s shocking considering how brilliant it is I know, but there are many people who haven’t got a clue about the game and many of them are parents.


Speaking as a parent, whose daughter is a huge swimming fan (a sport of which my level of understanding ends at the avoidance of drowning), I therefore empathise with parents who may have a golf-mad child on their hand but be utterly beleaguered about what to buy them this Christmas.

Christmas golf gifts for 2014


So as a public service, because we here at Gorilla Golf are just splendid folks, we’re going to give you a list of the golf items you can buy for your child this Christmas.
For the purposes of this, we are assuming your child is around the ages of 7 to 12, though the list is applicable to children in their teens too.


There’s two lists: One a list of golfing items your child really must have (which is surprisingly short), and another a list of items that would be useful to have, but which are not necessary to start playing the game.

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Omega-European Masters 2011 Switzerland

It is the end of the season for the European Tour and already we know that Rory McIlroy will be crowned Europe’s top golfer, regardless of the tournament in Dubai.

Not that McIlroy needed any encouragement to take it easy, shooting a first round -6 under par to hold the lead with fellow Irishman Shane Lowry. It’s all rather easy for the Irishman at the minute. Perhaps he could do it in his sleep?

Yet it can’t be denied that already knowing who will be crowned the European Tour’s finest does diminish from the end of season event and this is in sharp contrast to what happens at the end of each season in the United States.


Rory-McIlroy sleeping mouth open


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