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A New Way to Analyse Your Golf Game Globally – Game Golf

When three companies, including two of the biggest golfing organisations in the world, team up to produce a new golf product, then you can be sure the golfing world will sit up and take notice.


And that is precisely what has happened after the PGA of America, the Golf Channel and Active Mind Technology pooled skills and resources to produce one of the most innovative golfing products in many years.

It’s called the Game Golf Digital Tracking System and it could revolutionise the way you play and view your golf.


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At the highest level of the game all the best players can hit all the shots in the bag, but there are a surprising number of golfers of lesser ability, who can still produce some high quality shots on a seemingly regular basis.


Yet, paradoxically, when they take their pristine game from the range onto the course, they tend to fall apart slightly. Why is this the case?


The key lies in developing the other side of your golf game that isn’t to do with shot making, but instead is played on the course that exists permanently between your two ears.



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New Year Golfing Resolutions – A Review of 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014

Last year I penned an article on Gorilla Golf about my three main New Year resolutions in 2013 in terms of my golf.


To summarise them briefly, they were:

  1. To get fitter to play golf more easily
  2. Attend refresher lessons with a local pro, and
  3. Structure my practice at the range still further

So how did I do? And what are my new year’s resolutions for 2014? Read on to find out!


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The Best New Golf App and Gizmo of the Year?

One of the biggest criticism’s made about golf swing apps is that while they are useful for recording your swing and analysing against the swing of other players (including professionals), when it comes to feedback, you are very much on your own.


That situation could be about to change thanks to American company Zepp and their range of sporting sensors and app.



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Before you know it, 2014 will be upon us and with it heralds the start of a new year of golf and of course, for many of the world’s top players, their focus will primarily be on four events.

This year, we have the Masters in April at Augusta, the US Open at Pinehurst No. 2 in June, The British Open from Hoylake in July and lastly the USPGA Championship at Valhalla, Kentucky in August.


Plus, in September the eyes of the world will descend upon Gleneagles to witness the 2014 Ryder Cup.

Gorilla Golf will now take a look in our crystal golf ball to see which players, and team, will be celebrating major success in 2014.


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Golf hole

Earlier this year on a bright, summers evening, I headed to the local course with three friends for a lovely evening four-ball on a Friday.


Somewhat untypically, I began the round in impressive fashion, and after six holes of play, considering my handicap was around 18 at the time, I was one under par and had registered two birdies on the round, and had an eagle putt lip out on the cup.

Then it all began to unravel in spectacular style…



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As we are in the grasp of Winter, now is a great time to dig out the clubs and start doing a little work in preparation for the warmer weather, longer days and the start of the 2014 golf season for most amateur golfers.

Sure, the professionals are already well in action, but for the majority of us, its either a choice of winter golf (if available) or a wait until the weather improves and the snow melts to head out onto the course.


That said, there’s still lots you can do to prepare yourself for the new season and in this article, we’ll look at three great ways you can get yourself in shape ready for the better weather.




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