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A Bit of Festive Golfing Fun – The Gorilla Golf Quiz

Fancy yourself as a bit of a golfing know it all? Well why not put it to the test with the Gorilla Golf Quiz, a mix of fiendish questions to test your golfing knowledge to the full!

We’ll provide the answers to the questions in a post update in January, so you have plenty of time to see if you can answer as many of the questions below as you can!

Why not let us know what you think in some of the comments below!

Good luck and have a happy New Year!


Gorilla Golf Blog Happy Holidays


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The Best Christmas Buys for a Golfer in 2013 | Part Three: Putters

So far in this series we’ve looked at Drivers and Irons, missing out fairway woods and hybrids as well as wedges because these items may not all be the same for every golfer, whereas almost every golfer will carry around a Driver and a set of irons in their bag.

Of course, the other club that a golfer will have in their bag for sure is the short-stick; the humble putter.


It is worth noting that putting is very much about feel and as such, while we recommend the putters below, we’d strongly advise taking the recipient of any putter below (especially the top of the range and mid value options) to your local stockist to try before you buy.

So for the third and final time, we’ve been hunting around for the best putter deals this Christmas which will help your golfing fanatic achieve more success on the greens in 2014.


And this is what we believe are the best trio of putting deals for Christmas 2013.



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The Best Christmas Buys for a Golfer in 2013 | Part Two: Irons

Last time out we looked at the best drivers available this Christmas in both the top price, mid-price and lower price range.

Given that nowadays many people have different set ups involving fairway woods and hybrids, were skipping these clubs and looking instead at another group of clubs that every golfer has in their bag; irons.


Like last time, Gorilla Golf have been sniffing around the golf shops looking for the best iron deals this Christmas if you fancy buying a loved one a golf gift that they will really love.

Once again, we’ve found three sets of irons to suit all budgets, high, mid and lower priced options.


golf irons for beginners


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Gorilla Golf Recommends The Best Christmas Buys for a Golfer in 2013: Part One : Drivers

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat and your golfing fan is probably getting twitchy at being stuck inside far more than they would like.

So why not brighten up their Christmas by picking them a gift that will really brighten up their 2014 season?

Gorilla Golf has been scanning what is available for the golfer in your life, at a range of prices to suit all budgets. This week, we’re looking at three Drivers to suit all budgets



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MyGolf 3D iPad app

As the smartphone and tablet revolution continues to grow, increasing numbers of apps will be released and amongst them will be golf apps.

Over the past twelve months, we’ve reviewed a fair few of the good (and a couple of the bad!) golf apps available but it has got us thinking about what golf apps we don’t yet have, but which we’d like to see.


So developers take note! Here’s a list of five types of golf apps that we think would be a real hit with the more technologically minded golfer in 2014 and beyond.




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Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson

With a final round 64, Swede Henrik Stenson became the first ever player to win the season-ending finale of the European Tour, the World Tour Championship in Dubai, as well as the lucrative end of season FedEx Cup in the United States.


In doing so, Stenson confirmed himself not just as the top player on both the European and US Tours, but confirmed that over the past six months, no golfer has been able to match his run of blistering form.


Yet at the start of 2012, Stenson was ranked 230th in the world and things looked very different.



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