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The rarest birdie in golf: Learning a little about the mythical Condor

Most people, certainly all golfers, are fully aware of the different terms used for scoring the game.

We’ve all had our fair share of bogeys, double bogeys and even treble bogey holes and on the positive side, we’ve hit par, a few birdies and perhaps we’ve also been fortunate enough to land an eagle or two.

It is very rare indeed that we see someone hit an Albatross, or double-eagle as it is mathematically inaccurately called, just as Louis Oosthuizen famously did at the Masters in 2012 (below), so these rare events should be celebrated.


But even this incredible three-under-par shot is not the rarest of birds in golf…



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The Fisker-Dixon Cup 2013 Photos and Video

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“The Fisker-Dixon Cup was the best golf tournament I have had the privilege to be associated with,” MyGolf’s Tom Rosenfield said in his toast to the FDC Cup Committee and sponsors with right after the event.

He continued, “This is thanks, of course, to our Organizing Committee, our sponsors, the participants, the Lavaux Golf Club – and not least of which to the weather!” Everything worked in concert to create a perfect day.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors: Fisker (by Emil Frey), Dixon Golf, Relais Sant’Uffizio, Villa Monte Solare, Hotel Principe di Lazise, IOGI, UrbWorks, StarPub, Léman Events and Fitting Wines.


The tournament took place on 27th of September at the Lavaux Golf Club in Switzerland.

The almost 100 participants; golfers, would-be golfers and guests enjoyed either an 18 hole Soho Scramble (a MyGolf formula which was greatly appreciated by the golfers), an initiation led by PGA professional Branislav Banic, and a full fare cocktail.

Please take a look at the pictures on Flickr and video below of this enjoyable event.

We look forward to your feedback.



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